NATO is banging the war drums and telling Americans to prepare to sacrifice

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Government leaders in Europe are starting to sing a new tune and trying to sell their people on a war.

Front page headlines are starting to warn Europeans that WWIII is imminent.

Now NATO is banging the war drums and telling Americans to prepare to sacrifice.

We are living in a horrific “new normal”

You may not want to admit it, but the way things used to be are long gone.

And we are living in the “new normal.”

For years Americans have been blessed with an economy that is generally stable.

Now, we may have struggled to put food on the table at times, but we haven’t faced a time like our great grandparents who literally couldn’t find food to buy like during the Great Depression.

For generations, our society protected a level of ethics and standards that has guided western culture since the renaissance.

But now, our great thinkers in our society are ignoring common sense and are embracing a level of dysphoria that has our younger generations believing that a boy can be a girl or maybe even a furry.

And any time you cut on the news, you see a breaking headline about a new international conflict brewing, if not already an all-out war.

The lifetime of peace, dominance, and prosperity that has been provided to the American people and Western Europe by the Greatest Generation is over.

You need to listen to that feeling you have in your gut that something has changed because it has and for the worst.

But most people can’t agree as to what is on the horizon.

Prepare for all-out war

Well, the highest-ranking military officer in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) just spilled the beans on what could be coming and what we all need to do to prepare.

Dutch Admiral and Chair of the alliance’s Military Committee Rob Bauer claimed late last week that “not everything is going to be hunky dory in the next 20 years.”

In his talk about the rising and possible pending threat of an all-out world war with Russia, the Admiral continued adding that, “It is the whole of society that will get involved whether we like it or not. That realization, we didn’t talk about that a year ago.”

And he has one warning for you and your family over the rising threat of a global military conflict.

He is urging every citizen in NATO, including the United States, to prepare by buying enough supplies to withstand the initial start of the war.

The head of NATO claims, “You need to have water, you need to have a radio on batteries and you need to have a flashlight on batteries to make sure that you can survive the first 36 hours.”

Unfortunately for the average American, history repeats itself.

And it looks like the United States may be heading into a devastating era where many of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, will die in another pointless global cockfight for international elites.

If you haven’t already, start preparing now.

Do you think the United States will be in a war within five years?