Nancy Mace is about to get kicked out of Congress for the last reason she ever expected

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RINO South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace has been on thin political ice for a while.

Mace keeps making enemies across the whole GOP spectrum.

And Nancy Mace is about to get kicked out of Congress for the last reason she ever expected.

Nancy Mace already alienated conservatives by coming out as a fanatical supporter of abortion on demand and smear merchant who constantly slimes Pro-Lifers.

Mace also voiced support for gun control and having the Biden Justice Department target Trump supporters like former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Now Mace is trying to make good with the right to win a spot on the ticket as Trump’s Vice President by voting to remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House and support Trump-backed Jim Jordan.

But by moving against McCarthy, Mace is now on the outs with the establishment donors that fund her campaign.

Big money GOP contributors are openly declaring their intention to cut off the eight Republicans that moved to boot McCarthy.

“They’re angry. They’re all saying, ‘don’t give, don’t raise any money,’” a Republican fundraiser told CNBC.

Mace then joined the 99 Republicans that refused to vote for House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, leading him to withdraw from the Speaker’s race which further enraged the donor class.

“If you have scheduled a fundraiser for any Republican House member who refuses to vote for Scalise, cancel it. If you are thinking of donating, don’t,” attorney and GOP donor Eric Levine emailed his 1,500 strong list of fellow donors.

Other donors cited the uncertainty about who would be Speaker of the House as a reason not to give.

“Who is going to want to give to these people based on what’s going on? Team McCarthy was a fundraising juggernaut. Losing Kevin McCarthy will be damaging for fundraising,” a Wall Street Republican donor added.

The other seven conservatives that moved against McCarthy are champions of the movement and have robust grassroots small dollar fundraising operations.

Mace, on the other hand, is an establishment RINO who depends on the largesse of the swamp.

In the 2022 cycle, Mace barely survived a Trump backed GOP challenger because McCarthy aligned Super PACs and outside groups pumped millions of dollars into her race.

Mace will once again face a conservative primary challenger over her support for gun control and abortion on demand.

And McCarthy was already preparing to defend her.

“So far this cycle, Mace has received over $180,000 from Protect the House, according to Federal Election Commission records,” CNBC reports.

“Just days before Mace voted to remove McCarthy as speaker, the PAC gave just over $20,000 to her reelection effort, according to a person familiar with the donation,” CNBC also reports.

But McCarthy and his allies will turn that spigot off as they want revenge.

And now that both the grassroots and the establishment hate Mace – albeit for different reasons – it’s difficult to see how she survives a primary challenge in 2024.

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