MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Chuck Schumer just made up a conspiracy live on the air that will leave you absolutely dumbfounded

Photo by Senate Democrats, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The mainstream media has no problem letting leftist politicians make up conspiracy theories with no evidence.

But like little kids, the more they are allowed to lie, the stranger their stories become.

But on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, America watched Chuck Schumer create a new conspiracy that will leave you dumbfounded.

Whatever it takes to maintain power and control

Democrat and Republican ruling class elites alike have been beside themselves after their efforts to force the Senate’s border betrayal into law without the American people noticing blew up in their faces.

Now, their media allies are scrambling to do damage control as they look for any way possible to keep their fake “border security” bill alive.

As such, MSNBC’s Morning Joe decided to do their part by fabricating a completely ridiculous conspiracy theory out of thin air.

During a recent interview with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski asked, “How does one not see that Republican opposition to the bill was influenced by Russian President Vladimir Putin?”

“What do you say to Speaker [of the House Mike] Johnson who says this bill is worse than he thought or whatever it was he said?” Brzezinski said. “I mean, how does one not see how these House Republicans are responding to this bill as not the hand of Trump and even Putin at play? And what do you say to Speaker Johnson directly about how they are playing this?”

In response, Schumer didn’t miss a beat as he proceeded to call conservatives “extremists” while urging Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to “do the right thing.”

“Don’t let the 30 hard right people in the House who are extreme – they wanted us to default, they wanted the government not to pay its debts, they wanted the government to shut down,” Schumer claimed. “They’re extremists, and they’re running your show. Do the right thing. You know what the right thing to do is.”

It’s all a diversion tactic

The Senate Majority Leader proceeded to claim that “we need to fix our border,” even though he didn’t do anything to dispel all the evidence that indicates his bill won’t do anything about it.

“You know we need to fix our border,” he added. “You know that it has to be bipartisan. The bill that you passed didn’t get a single democratic vote in the House or the Senate. How are you going to get anything done? Or do you just want to make a speech as you admittedly say the border is in chaos? Do something about it. Don’t just politically posture.”

Of course, while Senator Schumer claims it’s Republicans who are “politically posturing” on the border issue, in reality, it’s the ruling class elites like himself who’ve sat on their hands for decades as this issue has spiraled out of control.

If a real border deal doesn’t get done, that’s on Schumer and his lackeys, not working-class Americans who are sick and tired of having Washington, D.C. brush their concerns aside.

That’s a fact the ruling class elites know full well, so they’ve resorted to pushing propaganda conspiracy theories claiming conservatives are suddenly the puppets of Vladimir Putin, even though their position on border security has remained rather concrete for years.

But as the pressure continues to ramp up on the ruling class elites, their desperation is only going to grow.

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