Mitch McConnell’s latest press release has Joe Biden grinning ear-to-ear

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is supposed to be the Republican leader in the United States Senate.

Instead, McConnell just threw principled Republicans under the bus and gave Joe Biden a boost.

With his latest press release, Mitch McConnell just gave support for Biden, which has the Democrats grinning ear-to-ear.

Joe Biden disgracefully turns D-Day speech into an anti-Trump pep rally

June 6 is a solemn date in U.S. military history when Americans honor the heroism and sacrifice of the men who faced down Nazi machine gun fire, mortars, and artillery as they stormed the beaches at Normandy.

The D-Day operation was the official beginning of the liberation of Europe and stands as an unrivaled military success in all of history.

But instead of making the 80th anniversary of this event a celebration of the few remaining veterans, Joe Biden ranted his way through a speech where he put the spotlight on the war in Ukraine and then urged Americans to defeat Donald Trump. 

This was doubly disgusting because those who survived D-Day are now all around 100 years old, and there is no guarantee they will even see the 81st anniversary.

“We cannot let what happened here be lost in the silence of the years to come,” Biden stated.

Biden claimed the bravery of the men who fought on these beaches meant America must commit unlimited taxpayer money to Ukraine. 

“The fact that they were heroes here that day does not absolve us of what we have to do today,” Biden added.

Biden declared that he “will not walk away” from the war in Ukraine.

But Donald Trump is campaigning on ending the war in Ukraine.

So, Joe Biden claimed Americans must defeat Trump because somehow Biden pouring money into a losing war in Ukraine will deter Communist China from invading Taiwan.

“The autocrats of the world are watching closely . . . to surrender to bullies, to bow down to dictators, is simply unthinkable,” Biden declared.

Mitch McConnell endorses Joe Biden’s foreign adventurism and warfare

RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell joined Biden in taking the low road on D-Day.

In a New York Times op-ed, McConnell attacked conservatives and fully endorsed Joe Biden’s warmongering approach to Ukraine.

McConnell tried to smear opponents of his recent $95 billion foreign aid slush fund as “isolationists” who opposed involvement in World War II.

“We forget how influential isolationists persuaded millions of Americans that the fate of allies and partners mattered little to our own security and prosperity. We gloss over the powerful political forces that downplayed growing danger, resisted providing assistance to allies and partners, and tried to limit America’s ability to defend its national interests,” McConnell sneered.

McConnell then defended the uniparty’s New World Order that the left has successfully promoted in recent decades as a good deal for the American people.

He said this even though it has resulted in dangerous open borders, endless wars, and globalist trade deals that shipped American jobs overseas. 

“Some vocal corners of the American right are trying to resurrect the discredited brand of prewar isolationism and deny the basic value of the alliance system that has kept the postwar peace,” McConnell wrote.

McConnell should be spending his final years working to elect Donald Trump and a Republican Senate.

Instead, he’s spending his time, money, and talent championing Joe Biden’s foreign policy and installing Senators in office whose chief policy priority is funding Ukraine, not Americans.

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