Millions in cash just vanished in LA in a heist destined to be made into a movie

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The largest cash theft in Los Angeles history took place this weekend.

And this crime looked like it could have been in a Hollywood movie.

This Los Angeles cash storage business was the victim of the largest heist ever in the city’s history, which seems destined to be made into a Hollywood movie.

Thieves steal almost $30 million in LA

On Easter Sunday night, one of the largest cash heists in Los Angeles took place when almost $30 million was stolen from a San Fernando Valley money storage facility.

The burglary happened in Sylmar, a suburban neighborhood, where cash from local and regional businesses is supposed to be safely handled and stored.

The facility in Sylmar is operated by a private Canadian-based security firm named GardaWorld.

Somehow, the thieves managed to break into the building through the roof and get into the safe where the money was kept, but no one knew that the crime took place until the following Monday morning.

An ABC-7 TV news helicopter video showed a large cut on the side of the building covered by plywood, and the operators of the business said they didn’t discover the theft until the vault was opened.

Even more concerning is that the criminals were able to complete the theft while setting off just one alarm that didn’t alert members of law enforcement, causing investigators to believe that it was done by an experienced, sophisticated crime ring.

Some officials are wondering whether some or all of the criminals had inside knowledge of the facility and said very few people would have known that such large sums of cash were being stored in the safe.

Law enforcement officials said the crime was one of the largest in the city’s history when it comes to cash.

The largest cash heist in the city before this latest crime occurred in September 1997, when $18.9 million was stolen from a former Dunbar Armored Inc. facility – the suspects were eventually caught.

Two years ago, thieves conducted a multi-million-dollar jewelry heist from a Brink’s vehicle at a truck stop in Grapevine, California.

A “really well-thought-out job”

Scott Andrew Selby, co-author of the book Flawless: Inside the Largest Diamond Heist in History, said the crime has “all the markings of a really well-thought-out job” done by a “professional crew.”

He also said that based on similar major heists, it’s very likely the thieves had inside information, and he thinks investigators will be “looking around the globe for crimes with a similar M.O.”

Selby said it depends on whether or not the money had serial numbers recorded or if the cash was already circulating as to whether or not the money is traceable. 

“As technology progresses and the world gets small, there are a lot of ways you can mess up and get caught. With touch DNA, the slightest mistake can expose the identity of a member of the crew, leading authorities to eventually identify their associates,” he added.

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