Mexican Drug Cartels have turned our southern border into a war zone and unleashed a new weapon no one saw coming

Photo by Ozzy Trevino, Public Domain via Picryl

Americans realize more and more that the U.S. southern border is turning into a war zone, and the cartels are getting more dangerous by the day. 

These criminal enterprises have been becoming better equipped than many countries’ militaries and law enforcement. 

But the Mexican Drug Cartel just unleashed a new weapon along the border that no one saw coming and is shocking everyone. 

Washington, D.C., could care less about our open border

Most of our politicians in Washington, D.C., are stuck in the rut of the 1980s. 

They can’t seem to get past the talking points that Russia is the biggest threat to the United States and the American people. 

But as our elected representatives fight and bicker in the halls of Congress over how much money they can fly over to Ukraine to kill Russians, our nation’s back door is wide open. 

Not counting those illegal immigrants who weren’t caught by Border Patrol agents, just in 2023 alone, over 2.45 million Illegal aliens from around the world flooded into our nation. 

To put that number into perspective, a city of 2.45 million illegal aliens would be the fourth largest city in the United States, just behind Chicago with 2.6 million residents. 

So as we send tens of billions of dollars over to unknown actors in Eastern Europe to protect Ukraine’s borders, our borders are left wide open for all the drugs, crimes, and illegal aliens that can get across without any care from Congress. 

But maybe they will start to care once the Mexican Drug Cartel starts committing acts of war against the American people. 

Mexico is and has been for years, held hostage by the Drug Cartels’ ruthless disregard for both the law and human life. 

And they have the means to do what they want, when they want, and to who they want without anyone able to stop them.

Over the years, the Drug Cartels have used the money they have made from flowing drugs across the Rio Grande to build up their lethal capabilities that would rival most nation’s militaries. 

It’s a known fact that these Drug Cartels have armed vehicles and even anti-tank capabilities. 

And we know that these Drug Cartels have been training side by side in Mexico with terrorist groups like Hamas in the latest military and terrorist tactics. 

But now the Mexican Drug Cartel has a new capability that no one saw coming that should keep you up at night. 

The Drug Cartel now has operational landmines at its disposal. 

News reports surfaced last week about the Drug Cartels using landmines in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, but these reports were denied by local officials.

Earlier this week, Sergio Hernando Chavez, the public security secretary for Tamaulipas (which borders the United States), admitted that local authorities had to call in the Mexican military to deal with landmines being put in place by the local Drug Cartels. 

So the next time you think the open southern border is a serious issue, just remember that it’s worse than you think. 

All that stands between you and the Drug Cartels with advanced military capabilities is a shallow Rio Grande, an open border, and a feeble 81-year-old President of the United States.

Is the open southern border the biggest issue of the 2024 election?