Megyn Kelly’s latest truth bomb just blew the woke crowd out of the water

Screenshot via Youtube, NBC News

The violence and intolerance of the woke Left is on full display on America’s college campuses.

Leftists routinely shut down lectures they don’t agree with and hound people they deem as dangerous.

And Megyn Kelly just dropped a truth bomb on this group that ought to leave them absolutely ashamed.

On college campuses across America woke leftists, who call the “ok” hand sign a symbol of white supremacy, are siding with actual Nazis like Hamas who seek to exterminate Jews.

The mass rallies across blue citadels in support of Hamas is an eye-opening experience.

On her podcast, Kelly delighted in saying Americans are learning the woke liberals who imposed cancel culture on American institutions like the media, academia, and the entertainment industry are actually the real bigots.

“Now with actual Jew hatred … and threats as explicit as ‘kill the Jews’ all over college campuses they say … absolutely nothing. The BLM crowd, Ibram X Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, not only failed to condemn these behaviors, many in this woke crowd have participated in them and celebrated the Hamas atrocities against Israel,” Kelly stated.

Woke mobs canceled professors over imaginary microaggressions and sought to ban classic American novels like “To Kill a Mockingbird” are now terrorizing Jewish students.

“These same universities that canceled professors for challenging college dogma about race or gender are now, suddenly, trying to restyle themselves as free-speech warriors. ‘We would never punish students for their controversial opinions. That’s not who we are.’ Even if those opinions happen to be, ‘hey hey, ho ho, these Jews on campus have got to go!’” Kelly added.

Kelly explained that the woke ideology pushed by the Left had nothing to do with fighting racism or correcting any wrong, but it was a real power play to bully their way into running the show.

“They’ve given up the game. They never meant any of it. It was all a ruse to gain control over the rest of us. Over the job market. Over the politicians. Over corporate America that does the hiring. These are not good-hearted, well-meaning souls embracing the struggle of the minority. They’re grifters, frauds, liars and spoiled brats,” she said.

“Many of us knew who they were before this. For those that did not, it’s over. Any tolerance of these woke warriors will soon be just a distant memory,” Kelly concluded.

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