Meghan McCain shocked the audience by saying these five words about Kamala Harris

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Meghan McCain, once the fiery co-host on The View, has unleashed her candid opinions on Vice President Kamala Harris, shocking her audience. 

In her latest podcast episode, “Meghan McCain Has Entered the Chat,” McCain didn’t hold back in critiquing Harris, raising questions about the Vice President’s demeanor and impact on female leadership.

And Meghan McCain shocked the audience by saying these five words about Kamala Harris.

McCain’s podcast, known for its unfiltered takes on current affairs, took a sharp turn toward Harris as she dissected the recent Golden Globes and her discomfort with Harris’ speeches. 

McCain didn’t mince words, describing Harris as sounding “like a 19-year-old stoner in college who’s high at 3 a.m.”

“She makes me so uncomfortable,” McCaian said to her listeners, “I don’t like watching her. I don’t like listening to her.”

The crux of McCain’s critique centered around a Harris speech in 2022 about the passage of time, a moment that left McCain uneasy. 

The political commentator, known for her conservative stance, went on to label Harris as “really unserious” before dropping a bombshell: 

“If anything, Vice President Harris has proven to me that maybe a woman can’t be Vice President. I actually think she’s setting feminism back 10 years.”

McCain acknowledged that her reaction wasn’t fueled by sexism, claiming, “There are so many female politicians I love and respect that I’d be happy with being President.” 

Her commentary raises questions about Harris’s reception among voters, especially Black voters, and McCain pointedly noted, “Why is it that Black voters and people like me have such a strong adverse reaction to her?”

This isn’t the first time McCain has taken aim at left-leaning figures. 

During her stint on The View from 2017-2021, she openly criticized politicians across the spectrum, including Harris, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. 

Now, with her own platform, McCain continues to express her unfiltered opinions.

In the podcast episode, McCain acknowledged that what she was about to say might be considered “really messed up” about Harris. 

Despite her reservations, McCain delved into her concerns, raising the question of whether Harris is the right representative for women in leadership.

The bold statements on the podcast echo McCain’s reputation for not holding back, whether she’s critiquing co-hosts on The View or dissecting Hollywood films like Bradley Cooper’s Maestro

The 39-year-old political commentator is unafraid to explore controversial topics, even hinting at legal action against The View in response to on-air comments that she interpreted as an attack on her character.

As McCain continues her post-View journey, her podcast remains a battleground for unfiltered, sometimes divisive, perspectives. 

But her unrestricted comments echo the concerns of everyday Americans, who might not have the audacity to put them so boldly – the people don’t want Kamala. 

Whether her critique of Harris resonates with her audience or sparks further debate on the role of women in politics, Meghan McCain continues to be a vocal force in conservative commentary.

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