Matt Gaetz sounds the alarm about this woke leftist threat that could destroy our nation’s security

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The world is falling into total chaos as the Biden administration continues to bumble from one problem to the next.

Wars are being fought in Europe and the Middle East while Taiwan and the Philippines wait for China to make their move.

Now Matt Gaetz is bringing attention to a new major national security threat that needs to be stopped now.

Recruitment levels are at historic lows despite many efforts to turn them around

In June, the House Armed Services Committee heard from military leaders from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. 

They described a recruitment crisis that they haven’t seen since 1973 when the volunteer system began. 

All three branches have been trying everything to fight back against floundering enlistment rates.

New recruits have been offered the ability to pick the first station that they will serve at and have even been given enormous bonuses of up to $50,000 to sign on. 

Nothing is working to bring us back to where we were just 5 years ago.

Some experts claim that the aptitude and physical fitness of applicants is down and not the actual number of applicants. 

Others point to a disinterest in the military amid hot competition and high wages in the private sector. 

One of the problems is staring us right in the face.

US Air Force declares that “diversity” will give us “advantages on today’s battlefield”

Earlier this month, the Department of the Air Force (DAF) announced their new Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Strategic Plan for 2023. 

Top military brass apparently thinks this is just what they need to turn the ship around. 

“As with any competitive team, our success depends on recruiting and retaining the best talent,” the announcement began before adding that “science, business best practices, congressional mandates, [and] data-focused policy reviews and assessments” point them in one direction.

According to the plan, the US Air Force must begin “to represent the diverse Nation [they] serve.” 

That means that they must “leverage” diversity “including racial and gender” ideologies. 

This is what will give them “advantages on today’s battlefield.”

Now Matt Gaetz sees the writing on the wall, and he is sounding the alarm.

Matt Gaetz calls for DAF to bring their office back to “an America-first outlook”

The Gateway Pundit reports that they obtained a letter written by Gaetz and addressed to the United States Air Force over their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. 

The Florida Representative started by explaining that his “constituents have voiced concerns that the DAF has placed an overemphasis on DEI initiatives…”

Gaetz says that the people in his district are concerned that is leading to losing sight of the priority and the “DAF’s core purpose for existence: preserving national security.”

“Unfortunately, the recruiting numbers would suggest a failure of DEI and social-experimentation programs. Your policies have resulted in numerous recruiting shortfalls of a historic manner,” he wrote to the Air Force leadership.

Gaetz went on to “respectfully request” that they reconsider their position and “reflect” on the current recruitment crisis. 

The congressman went on to request that the Air Force immediately “eliminate the DEIA working group,” and “steer the DAF back toward an America-first outlook,” that puts pressure on our adversaries.

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