Many Christians may give up on the NFL for good after this attack on their faith

Photo by Adrian Curiel from Unsplash

Christianity and basic morality are under assault in the schools, media, and big corporations, but no one expected it to be attacked here.

And things are getting so bad that it is being openly targeted and silenced by sports media. 

Many fans are turning their back on the NFL when it joined forces with sports media to silence them. 

Still one nation under God?

If you study the Word of God, you realize that it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine for his people.

Christians since the death of Jesus Christ have been openly persecuted for being in the Son of God.

But Americans have been lucky throughout our nation’s history. 

Our nation was founded as a Christian nation so the average everyday Christian didn’t have to worry about being targeted or silenced for their beliefs. 

And it was a good run for Christians from the start of our nation to just a couple decades ago. 

But as we have seen over the past few years, Christianity isn’t able to live freely in the United States anymore without being openly mocked or attacked by many in society. 

When Christians cut on the TV, they see their religion mocked and bastardized by Hollywood. 

Our schools have turned against the Word of God, as they would rather promote a local youth Satan club than allow prayer in a classroom. 

And our government is filled with Godless people who only follow the religion of greed and power. 

But some Christians have been able to find their escape in sports. 

As other pillars of society collapse into idolizing socialism, professional sports has relatively just focused on being about the game and not about the cultural battles we are facing each and every day. 

But it looks like things are getting so bad for Christians in this nation that not even the NFL and their broadcasters will allow the message of Jesus Christ to see the light of day. 

Jesus Christ banned from the NFL?

Many Christians have grown to like Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud, as he has made it clear in many postgame interviews that his faith in Christ is big in his life. 

And during this past weekend, Stroud led the Texans to a massive wild card win over the Cleveland Browns. 

Right after this massive 45-14 win, C.J. Stroud had a postgame interview with NBC where he stated:

First of all, I just want to give all glory and praise to my lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  I mean, it’s been amazing being in this city for as short as I’ve been, but the love that I’ve got. I’ve really just been doing it for Houston, man. The people back home, I’m blessed enough to be in the position that I’m in and blessed enough to be playing at a high level right now. We gotta just keep it going, but I’m super blessed.

This interview amazed viewers as Stroud opened up about his faith first thing during the live interview. 

But later on, when NBC aired the same interview, they cut out the quarterback praising Jesus. 

Just take a look for yourself at the edited interview. 

It’s a sad day when even the sports media is trying to block an individual giving glory to God for his success.

Will the United States ever be a Christian nation again?