Many Americans are absolutely furious about this statement from Representative Katie Porter about this shocking murder of a U.S. Citizen

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Too many leftist politicians think their feelings are what is important, and the facts don’t matter.

This is especially true when there are highly charged issues that the Left knows they are losing, such as America’s rising concern with illegal immigration.

But this tone-deaf comment from Congresswoman Katie Porter has infuriated many Americans.

Joe Biden’s open borders have wreaked havoc on communities all across the country.

With an estimated eight million new illegal aliens arriving since Biden took office, the results have been disastrous.

Fentanyl has been brought across the border, leading to the death of thousands.

City budgets have been stretched to the breaking point, especially in deep blue communities where, for years, their political leaders proclaimed these places to be sanctuaries for illegal immigration.

All that is certainly bad enough, but the worst aspect of the Biden Administration’s effective Open-Door policy for the third-world has been the violent crime.

The frustrating part is that many on the Left know it and simply don’t care, so long as they aren’t personally victimized.

Jose Antonio Ibarra is an illegal alien from Venezuela who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.

University of Georgia police have arrested him and charged him with murdering 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley.

Ibarra is accused of using an unknown object to kill Riley when she was out for a jog on the University of Georgia’s campus.

The brutal murderer crushed Riley’s skull and has infuriated the public.

The horrific attack perfectly demonstrates just how disastrous the Biden Administration’s failure to secure the nation’s southern border has been.

Nonetheless, there are those who simply don’t want to see this truth because they have willfully put the ideological blinders on.

One of those people is far-left Representative Katie Porter (D-CA).

Tone Deaf Porter’s reaction to murder: “One instance shouldn‘t shape immigration policy”

During an appearance with CNN host Erin Burnett, Porter said, “Well, I think what a horrible tragedy likes, like this happens, I think whenever we‘re dealing with violent crime, there is a sense of outrage, of sadness and of loss, but I think the important thing to focus on is any one instance shouldn‘t shape our overall immigration policy, which has so many different facets, including economic choices about what workers to allow and how to create prosperity in America.”

She continued, saying, “So the situation is tragic and it‘s a loss and it‘s important to acknowledge that, but also to recognize all the other how all the other parts of immigration policy fit together.”

But her comments were heavily derided as tone-deaf on social media.

A user called Mike Ray wrote, “Well they didn’t think that way when George Floyd was killed. They painted all police as corrupt.  Hmmmm. Hypocrite much?”

Democrats want open borders regardless of the consequences

Another user called LionHearted wrote, “Katie Porter doesn’t know about the [illegal immigrants] who beat up NYPD policemen, and shot into a crowd in a store and hit a tourist from Brazil? There’s also a group going around on mopeds who had robbed over 100 women of their purses and cellphones. Then there are the ones who shoplifted at Macy’s and Walmart.”

But Reverend Ben Johnson hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “The important thing isn’t the death of Laken Riley, or children being molested, or fentanyl flooding America and MS-13 taking over minority neighborhoods: The “important thing” is that nothing hinder Democrats’ immigration/amnesty policy.”

That is the sad truth of the current administration’s policy on immigration and their willful lack of border enforcement.

The window of opportunity for them to rectify their failure is closing rapidly, and if they don’t change course, the voters are likely to take the decision out of their hands.

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