Maggie Hassan just dropped a truth bomb about Joe Biden’s border disaster

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Biden and his team are actively refusing to secure our borders and will even prevent Texas from doing the fed’s job.

But as polls show, America has had enough, and the public backlash is building.  Some Democrats are heading for the hills.

Now liberal Democrat Senator Maggie Hassan just dropped a truth bomb about Joe Biden’s border disaster.

Joe Biden and his administration are simply not credible on matters of immigration and border security.

That’s the inescapable verdict that the American public has collectively made, based on recent polling.

Vast majority of the public has little to no confidence in Biden on immigration policy

According to a recent poll conducted by Pew Research, only 32% of Americans are “very confident” in Joe Biden’s ability to make wise decisions about immigration policy.

This represents a steep decline from 53% two years ago. 

Worse for Biden and his political party, a solid majority – 67% of Americans – were “not at all confident.”

Similarly, views of Biden’s handling of immigration also declined 21 points from 53% in 2022 to 32% in 2023.

With these kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder that Democrats from contested states and districts are trying to separate themselves from Biden and his strong stench of failure, particularly on this issue.

Last week, in what could possibly be in strong contention for the understatement of the year, Joe Biden admitted that the southern border was not secure.

Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) may be a garden-variety leftist, but she can tell which way the political winds are blowing.

During a Sunday interview on NBC News’s Meet the Press, host Kristen Welker asked the Senator if she agreed with Biden’s assessment.

Democrat Senator Hassan: “The border is in crisis” under Joe Biden’s Administration

What followed was hardly a home-run for the Biden PR team.

Hassan said, “The border is in crisis. I have long been saying we need to improve security. It’s not where it needs to be.”

She then added, “We have been urging our Republican colleagues now for the last couple of months, and before that for a long time, to come to the table and strike a bipartisan deal on the border and immigration.  Biden Administration, along with Senate Democrats and House Democrats back in the last Congress, actually increased our investment in border security. We need them to come to the table and compromise and get this done.”

But that’s little more than a deflection because illegal immigration during the Trump Administration was just a tiny fraction of the record number of border crossings now occurring that the Senator now admits is a “crisis.”

Biden’s complete dismantling of Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” and Title 42 policies is what opened the door to allow millions of new and largely unvetted immigrants into the country.

This comes just as the Congressional Budget Office has estimated that border officials witnessed but did not catch 860,000 illegal immigrants crossing into the United States last year.

This number is more than double the number of “gotaways” who entered when President Joe Biden entered office and dismantled border policies.

Hassan and other Democrats may try to deflect blame from the border crisis, but the public just isn’t buying it because the “crisis” exploded when Joe Biden became President and Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.

Immigration figures to be a prominent issue in this year’s Presidential Election, and recent polling suggests that Republicans are more trusted on the issue than Democrats by large margins.

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