Lizzo is furious that these career ending charges are moving further

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The Left’s insistence of canceling the careers of people they don’t like is a very dangerous scheme.

Cancel culture doesn’t stop at political ideas, it also includes allegations of incorrect personal behavior.  

And pop star Lizzo is furious that these career-ending allegations were made, and they have now gone a step further.

Lizzo faces intense legal threats following the release of these eye-popping accusations

Pop Stars are notorious for acting in ways that average individuals find strange and bizarre.

However, according to some of Pop Star Lizzo back up dancers, Lizzo engaged in a number of activities that allegedly include sexual harassment, assault, and more.

Some of the victims have taken their case to court, resulting in Lizzo appealing to have the charges dismissed.

However, it was just revealed that most of the charges against Lizzo will stand, with the presiding Judge refusing to dismiss most of the cases against her.  

The attorney representing the dancers, Ron Zambrano, celebrated this ruling, saying it is a major victory for his clients.

Per Zambrano, “He did dismiss a few allegations, including the meeting where Arianna was fat-shamed, the nude photo shoot and dancers being forced to be on ‘hold’ while not on tour. “

He added, “However, all the other claims remain, including sexual, religious, and racial discrimination, sexual harassment, the demeaning visits to the Bananenbar in Amsterdam and Crazy Horse in Paris, false imprisonment, and assault.”

According to Breitbart News, the allegations waged against Lizzo are expansive and that “In (the dancers) suit, the three dancers claim that their status as virgins was mocked, that their religious beliefs were ridiculed, and that they were forced to participate in sex shows while on tour with Lizzo under threat of being fired.” 

The report adds, “The lawsuit also alleges racial discrimination at the hands of Lizzo’s “all-white management team.”

Lizzo has faced backlash in the past; however, not for anything this serious.

Many health experts decry her attempt to normalize obese body types, claiming that obesity is not an identity but a serious and chronic disease.

Patriotic Americans have also criticized Lizzo after she played James Madison’s priceless glass flute while twerking during a concert, which many found to be in bad taste. 

Lizzo has learned the hard way that she is not above the law

The allegations waged against Lizzo are appalling and shine a spotlight on the daily actions that many arrogant celebrities may commit on a daily basis.

The looming problem behind these allegations is the problem of American society worshiping celebrities as gods, allowing them to act out in unspeakable ways.

Time and time again, the repugnant behavior of celebrities is not discovered until it is already too late, as a result of society shielding them from facing accountability.

Although the claims against Lizzo are still being fought in court, many believe that they will haunt her for many years in the court of public opinion, regardless of the outcome. 

Informed American will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.