Liberals really are trying to use the school system to indoctrinate your kids

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

Woke activists are using the public school system to push their agenda in ways you may not suspect.

These liberal activists often ignore the wishes of parents and brush concerns under the rug.

But now there’s proof that the radical Left really is trying to change the way American children think.

Parents in Maryland just want to “protect” their children

Earlier this year, parents in Maryland’s largest school district sued the county over classroom curriculum that includes LGBT-themed books. 

A Muslim family and a Catholic family requested that they be given the ability to opt their children out of classroom discussions involving LGBT propaganda.

The lawsuit contended that these elements of the curriculum weren’t necessary and that parents had the right “to protect their religious training and upbringings of their children.” 

Dagmawi Lakew said that he felt like his “rights as a parent [were] just being stripped away.”

“We want to be able to co be in control of what our children are learning in school,” he said.

LGBT activists argued that “everybody [should be] included,” and that it’s important “that kids get exposure to people who are not like them.”

Ultimately, a U.S. District Court sided with the school system and declined the request for an injunction.

But the plaintiffs aren’t done fighting back just yet.

Curriculum promotes “one-sided transgender ideology”

The parents filed an appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit last week. 

In the appeal, they requested that the court overturn the decision made by the District Court. 

The lawyers representing the parents argued that it was in violation of the school district’s “Guidelines for Respecting Religious Diversity.”

The parents believe that the “Pride Storybooks” included in the district’s curriculum “promote one-sided transgender ideology, encourage gender transitioning, and focus excessively on romantic infatuation.” 

The parents want the school district to “accommodate requests from students, or requests from parents/guardians on behalf of their students.”

The request is simple in that they only want their children “to be excused from specific classroom discussions or activities that they believe would impose a substantial burden on their religious beliefs.” 

The parents are in no way trying to stop the rest of the student population from participating in the discussion.

But for some reason, Democrats are infuriated by the request and these leftist attorneys general are now stepping in.

Radical AGs argue this is not “indoctrination”

In a dramatic twist, 19 Democrat attorneys general have submitted a brief to the court urging them to uphold the decision made by the federal court in August. 

The top lawyers for California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Washington, and the District of Columbia signed the brief. 

These radical Attorney Generals say that “the county’s policy of not allowing opt-outs does not burden students’ or their parents’ free exercise of religion.”

“In integrating LGBTQ+ inclusive books into its language arts curriculum, Montgomery County is not engaging in religious coercion,” they wrote.

The brief argues that despite interfering in religious beliefs, it does not require them to “undertake or refrain from any religious practice.” 

The attorneys general claim that the books aren’t a form of “indoctrination.”

This is just another example of the Left trying to force their radical ideologies on children in America. 

But this time they can’t turn around and claim that they aren’t trying to require LGBTQ talking points in classrooms. 

Because that’s exactly what they are arguing should happen in Montgomery County.

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