Legal experts say a new Biden gender pronoun mandate is dangerous and “Orwellian”

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

Language is designed to make mutual understanding possible but not so in this dystopian time.

Pronouns are designed to help identify people, but the trans community has weaponized language, and Biden wants to use it to force people to buy into the trans agenda or be punished.

The new Biden administration gender pronoun mandate is causing some legal experts to call it “Orwellian” and downright dangerous.

HHS rolls out gender pronoun policy

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just rolled out a new gender pronoun policy, and it’s already getting major criticism.

One Heritage Foundation expert and former HHS official says the new mandate violates employee rights and will likely lead to people getting fired for “misgendering” someone.

Roger Severino, the Heritage Foundation’s Vice President for domestic policy and former head of civil rights at HHS during the Trump administration, says that HHS and the federal government are now “requiring its employees to speak falsehoods.”

Severino broke the story on X last week, writing that HHS “imposed a transgender pronoun mandate on its employees who will now be forced to deny biological realities with their own words or face firing.”

He also shared a screenshot of an email that was sent to employees at the department in the post.

Severino spoke with Fox News Digital and said that the First Amendment protects federal employees from being required to speak falsehoods.

It also protects them from being compelled to adopt a state-approved ideology, and the government cannot require people to deny their own faith.

However, “These policies would require all of those things,” said Severino.

The email sent to HHS employees said “All employees should be addressed [by] the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves.” 

The memorandum is part of a new push for “Gender Identity and Non-Discrimination Guidance” that purportedly protects “employee rights and protections related to gender identity.”

According to Severino, a Harvard Law School graduate, the push started after two White House executive orders from 2021 and 2022 were implemented as a way to fight “gender discrimination” on the basis of “gender identity.”

The new U.S. Office of Personnel Management guidance says, “All applicants and employees should be addressed by the names and pronouns they use to describe themselves. Using correct names and pronouns helps foster workplaces free of discrimination and harassment.”

An “Orwellian” policy

Severino says that this new policy is “Orwellian” and essentially means that if someone were to “misgender” someone, it would qualify as a violation of the new anti-discrimination law, resulting in the person getting fired.

A YouTube video linked in the HHS email to employees features Assistant HHS Secretary Rachel Levine, who identifies as transgender.

In the video, Levine says employees “can wear clothing” and “use restrooms” based on whatever gender they happen to identify as.

But Severino says, “Men who identify as female have the right to get naked in front of female colleagues in the locker room,” which will now apply to the bathrooms and locker rooms at HHS.

“It used to be that if you allowed a man to get naked in front of a woman in the workplace that is instantly a violation of civil rights law,” he continued.

“Now, the policy says to the woman who may be uncomfortable with that situation, they’re the ones who have to leave.”

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