Latest poll shows America is tired of paying for everyone else’s wars

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

People forget that when Trump was in office there were no new U.S. military conflicts, and in return, there was a tremendous amount of economic prosperity.

But the Biden Administration has spent tens of billions of taxpayers dollars meddling in every conflict on the planet.

Now this poll shows that Americans are tired of paying the bill, and the military industrial complex is not happy.

America is divided over global conflict, but one thing unites us

It’s been nearly two years since the war in Ukraine started, and since the beginning, Americans have been bombarded with messages from the media and politicians. 

The overall theme is you must “Stand with Ukraine,” and to do otherwise, is a danger to the future of our country.

Now, the historic conflict between Israel and Palestine is heating back up, and a similar message is being sent to Americans. 

The United States has a duty to provide Israel with everything they need to defeat Hamas and any country that helped fund the attack on Israel.

The Israeli conflict has drawn a clear line between the Right and the Left. 

Intense social media campaigns by both sides have been pulling on the hearts of Americans and creating a major divide between the Democrats and the Republicans. 

But now Americans are sending a unifying message to political leaders in our country.

Border security tops list of concerns for Americans in swing states

In a poll conducted by Morning Consult and published by Bloomberg News, Americans told researchers what they are most concerned about. 

More people care about securing our southern border than they do about sending more foreign aid to Israel and Ukraine.

The poll asked nearly 5,000 voters in seven swing states what their priorities are going into the 2024 election. 

The poll was conducted in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—key states for a Presidential victory in 2024.

The border was the number one item on everyone’s list, and it overshadowed Israeli aid by 7-percentage points. 

The study found that 68 percent of swing state voters were concerned about the border compared to Israel at 61 percent. 

Ukraine support fell to 58 percent in the poll of voters. 

Americans are concerned about issues that impact their “day-to-day lives”

According to the poll, three times as many Americans said that immigration was their top concern compared to those seeking to back the Israeli response to Hamas.

Political analyst at Morning Consult, Eli Yokley said that Americans are growing tired of sending their tax dollars to other nations. 

“The American people are pretty focused on their pocketbooks, on the issues that matter to them in their day-to-day lives,” he wrote.

“We’ve seen spikes for even Ukraine at the beginning, in terms of voter interest—we’ve seen that for Israel. But you know, at some point, that news coverage fades and folks still have to go to the grocery store and fill up their [gas] tanks,” Yokley continued.

The poll also had some implications for the 2024 Presidential election, with voters weighing in on who they believe can best lead the country in a time of global conflict. 

Donald Trump had a 13-point lead over Joe Biden in voter confidence for dealing with the escalating global tensions.

Things are not looking good for the warmonger agenda and the military industrial complex.

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