Katy Perry just hacked Harrison Butker’s commencement speech to make it woke

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Harrison Butker caused quite a stir with his commencement address at Benedictine College this year.

The viral speech caused liberals to lose their collective minds and they can’t figure out why people are buying Butker’s jersey in droves.

And now Katy Perry hacked the speech and created a fake video to try and make the speech politically correct in her warped mind.

Harrison Butker won more than the Super Bowl this year

Harrison Butker has played in the NFL for seven seasons and this year he earned his third Super Bowl ring. 

But the latest addition to his trophy case wasn’t his biggest win in 2024. 

The one thing that everyone couldn’t stop talking about was his commencement speech at Benedictine College.

In the speech, Butker slammed the COVID lockdowns that marked the beginning of the graduating class’s freshman year before moving onto the fight for faith in America. 

Then came the moment that that made the Left lose their minds—his direct comments to “the ladies present” that day.

“I want to speak directly to you briefly because I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolical lies told to you,” he said. 

Butker went onto say that he believed that many of them are not only thinking of “all the promotions and titles” they will earn. 

But also “marriage and the children you will bring into this world.”

Fans stood in support of Butker despite the widespread condemnation

While many people wouldn’t see these words as a battle cry—the Left unleashed a torrent of attacks. 

Radical feminists couldn’t help but draw a comparison to The Handmaid’s Tale, claiming that he believed that women were only meant to be homemakers.

It didn’t take long for the NFL to try to distance themselves from Butker and condemn his speech. 

“Harrison Butker gave a speech in his personal capacity. . .his views are not those of the NFL organization,” said NFL senior vice president and chief diversity officer, Jonathan Beane.

But despite the unrelenting attacks from all angles—Butker stood strong. 

And the kicker saw an outpouring of support from fans. 

The Butker jerseys sold out for both men and women in all sizes. 

Now the liberal cultural establishment is still losing their collective mind.

Katy Perry releases edited version of Butker’s speech to celebrate pride month

Katy Perry showed just how triggered the Left was by Butker’s speech in a social media post this month. 

The singer said that she had “fixed” the speech for all the girls, graduates, and gays. 

The edited video was published on her Instagram account to celebrate pride month.

The obviously chopped video made it appear that Butker celebrated women who are “not. . .excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.” 

Perry’s video continued to suggest that Butker is excited for “people young and old. . .embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion.” 

The overt attempt to clown Butker’s speech and shift the narrative towards celebrating LGBTQ pride and a motherless future are signs that the Left was panicked by Butker’s speech. 

The speech was nothing short of a declaration of war on cultural degradation brought by the Left. 

If there was ever a time to feel hopeful about culture war issues—now is that time.

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