Kathy Griffin’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting worse, as proved by her latest rant

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Hate is a toxic emotion, and the longer it ferments, the more damage it creates. 

Kathy Griffin’s hatred of Trump and MAGA supporters has been going on for eight years, and it looks like it is causing her a complete mental breakdown.

To prove this point, Kathy Griffin just made this rant on social media that shows her Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting much worse. 

Trump Derangement Syndrome wrecked Democrats

Even the original Star Wars warned about going over to the dark side and letting hate control you, but too many Democrats ignored this warning.

If you don’t believe that hate can ruin your life, just look at what Trump derangement syndrome has done to the careers of many leftist celebrities. 

People have gone completely mad over Trump being in the Oval Office.

Who can forget when Jussie Smollett ended his life and career by trying to make up fake situations where Trump supporters attacked him?

People have lied under oath and broken the law just because they hate former President Trump. 

But if there ever was a case study on what It looks like when hate takes over your life, just look at Kathy Griffin.

Kathy Griffin continues to fall into irrelevance

Kathy Griffin used to be one of the biggest names in comedy. 

In the early 2000s through the Obama Presidency, Kathy Griffin was a regular guest on sitcoms for the big television stations and even was a frequent guest on talk programs like The View. 

But then Donald Trump came along in 2015. 

And like many other hardcore Democrats, Kathy was triggered by Trump’s MAGA message. 

Her derangement and anger towards Trump only grew stronger once the unthinkable happened, and he was in the Oval Office. 

Well, her career took a nosedive starting in May of 2017 when she let her hate get the better of her as she tweeted out a picture of her holding Trump’s decapitated head with the caption, “I caption this ‘there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his …wherever.’”

She lost sponsorships from companies like Squatty Potty and even lost a gig at CNN. 

She then later posted videos about how everyone was coming after her and how Trump ruined her life. 

Fast Forward to 2023, and Kathy’s mental state took a turn for the worse as she tried to get a lip tattoo and facial work done that ended up with her looking like Pennywise from IT.

Well, Kathy has since returned from the shadows and has provided us all with another example of how her life continues to struggle after her life was taken over by her hatred for Trump. 

Kathy had kind words for us all on social media when she posted, “I’m getting divorced. F*ck Valentine’s Day and f*ck all of you. Did I say that?”

She continued by adding, “Thank God I have three shows this weekend. I’m going to make every member of the audience my personal Valentine regardless of sexual orientation.”

Rumors have been coming out that her current comedy tour isn’t doing so well, so maybe this is just a publicity stunt. 

But whatever the reasoning, let this be an example of why you should never let hate take over your life. 

Will more Democrats suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome after the 2024 election?