Kamala Harris unveils latest scheme to inflict Red Flag laws on America’s law-abiding citizens

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

The Biden Administration has utter disdain for the Second Amendment and gun owners in general.

His administrator calls law-abiding gun owners domestic terrorists, and they keep putting restrictions on ammo and gun accessories.

And now Kamala Harris announced the administration’s latest scheme to inflict the threat of Red Flag laws on America’s law-abiding citizens.

The left-leaning media has been working hard to promote infringement on gun ownership in America

Earlier this year, the Washington Post published a story about school shootings in America that aimed to bring attention to the growing trend. 

The report highlights some of the most prolific school shootings among the 394 that have occurred since 1999.

The Democrat Party and the media have long pushed these stories to increase the number of restrictions placed on purchases of firearms. 

But, recently there has been a growing trend to highlight the mental capacity of those involved in these horrific situations. 

The focus on the mental health of the individuals who perpetrated these shootings seems like a logical move that protects the average person from government overreach. 

But it also bolsters the popularity of red flag laws on both sides of the aisle. 

Now, the Biden Administration is making a move that should worry every American who loves our Constitution. 

Harris says the “solution” is a new program to keep tabs on American citizens

Vice President Kamala Harris announced “two ‘gun safety’ solutions” this month that she says will help to keep students “safe” amid the rise in school shootings. 

The Fact Sheet cited the Washington Post article and made a commitment to “preventing gun violence” before it happens.

The more controversial of the two solutions is a focus on “stopping people in crisis” from gaining access to firearms. 

Harris says that the Biden Administration will achieve this by establishing a “first-ever National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center (ERPO).”

The ERPO will support the implementation of red flag laws by working with “states, local governments, law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys, judges, clinicians, victim service providers, and behavioral health and other social service providers in optimizing the usage of red flag laws.”

The goal is to enable “family member(s) or law enforcement to seek a court order to temporarily take away access to guns if they feel a gun owner may harm themselves or others.”

Constitutional rights group warns red flag laws could be “weaponized” by “domestic terrorists”

The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) has warned that programs bolstering red flag laws will threaten the Constitutional rights of everyday Americans. 

“Because red flag laws are rooted in third-party enforcement, there is an inherent potential for abuse by third parties,” the FPC said in a policy brief.

The brief continues to highlight specific concerns and how exactly they will play out in the modern environment. 

“Concerns include fraudulent, malicious, or reckless petitions. Against a backdrop of ‘swatting’ and combined with the lax standards of proof, red flag laws threaten ordinary Americans with potentially deadly encounters with police,” they said.

The group warns that these laws will be manipulated by bad actors and further weaponize the judicial system. 

“The laws, as presently written, invite domestic terrorists to weaponize the court system to strip the rights of their enemies or political opponents,” according to the FPC. 

The group has vowed to fight back against this egregious violation of the Second Amendment. 

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