Kamala Harris is pandering to young voters. But it is turning into an epic failure

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Bidenomics is killing the American dream for millions of people. More debt and more inflation are leading to more people falling behind on their debts.

Now young college graduates are wondering how they are going to make it, as real wages drop and the slowing economy is decreasing opportunities.

And now Kamala Harris just made this ridiculous appeal to young voters, and they are just not buying it.

Gen Z voters are slowly realizing that they are stuck paying back their student loans

Gen Z is becoming an increasingly important target for politicians vying for elected office in 2024.

In 2020 nearly two out of three of them voted for Joe Biden to be President, giving him an astonishing 59 percent approval rating early on in his Presidency.

It came as no surprise to most people as Biden ran on a platform of forgiving student loan debts. 

The promise caused outrage amongst blue-collar workers, with most people saying it was unfair for them to pay for other’s education.

Gen Z voters would do anything to absolve themselves of these “really messed up” student loans—even vote for a politician that has been making money off the backs of Americans for decades.

That’s where we find ourselves now. 

Under the guidance of a man who profits off taxpayers and promises forgiveness for the broken system that he helped to foster.

But Biden isn’t doing well to make this promise come true.

Biden’s $400 billion student debt transfer falls on its face this summer causing crashing polls

Early on in his Presidency, Joe Biden pushed ahead with a plan to forgive over $400 billion in student loan debts. 

The forgiveness plan would cover loans that were backed by the federal government and would pay off the debt in one fell swoop.

Republicans called the move unconstitutional and vowed to challenge it on behalf of the working class and those who have already responsibly paid off their loans. 

In June of this year, the fight against Biden’s attempt to transfer the debt to all Americans finally came to an end.

The Supreme Court ruled that the Biden administration had overstepped its legal authority and that the participants in the student loan program must continue to pay on their debts. 

The move affected tens of millions of college graduates and made Biden look like a liar. It was an incredible moment. 

Now Joe Biden is crashing in popularity amongst Gen Z and it’s clear what happened.

Kamala Harris realizes the student loans poll “very high” while Gen Z support crashes

Gen Z has become disenchanted by the Biden administration and their lie about student loan forgiveness. 

The group that had previously given him a 59 percent approval. 

Now, according to Harvard, less than 4 in 10 young voters support the President.

Another poll conducted by New York Times-Siena in July, showed Biden’s approval at a record low for voters aged 18 to 29. 

Only 4 percent of Gen Z voters have a very favorable opinion of the job of the Biden administration. 

In a recent interview with CBS News, Kamala Harris recognized that the issue of student loan forgiveness “polls very high” amongst young people. 

Harris says the problem is not what they are doing but how they are communicating their achievements to young people.

“The challenge that we have as an administration is we gotta let people know who brung it to them!” the Vice President said.

That’s right Gen Z voters simply must realize who delivered a failed promise.

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