Joy Reid just made these deranged comments about Senator Tuberville that will make you wonder why she is on TV

Photo by Luke Harold, Public Domain via Wikimedia

It’s no secret that the mainstream media is dominated by the political Left.

And they keep pushing their leftist rants in more extreme directions to move the political debate in this country further in their woke direction.

But the latest rant by Joy Reid has exposed just how unhinged their political commentary has become.

Tuberville praises Alabama ruling saying “every life is a gift”

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville recently praised a Supreme Court decision on in-vitro fertilization in his home state of Alabama. 

The ruling offered protections to embryos at IVF clinics in the state, making it illegal to dispose of those with undesirable traits.

In comments at CPAC, the Senator said that he was “all for” their decision to extend human rights to “extrauterine children.” 

Tuberville indicated that, in his view, this was a Right to Life issue and that Alabamians need to have more children. 

“We need to have more kids. We need to have an opportunity to do that, and I thought this was the right thing to do,” he explained to reporters. 

The Congressman went on to reiterate his point on social media where he said if people in his state were upset, then they would have “the right to make their voices heard . . . at the ballot box.” 

“I believe every life is a gift and is worth protecting,” Tuberville stated.

Joy Reid loses her mind over Tuberville’s comments

Now MSNBC host Joy Reid is pushing back on him for prioritizing unborn children over illegal immigrants. 

Reid made unbelievable comments in a rant posted on social media earlier this week. 

“I mean, your party, Senator Tuberville, is the one screaming that 10 million immigrants…have streamed into the country…and you’re claiming that’s too many people,” she said.

Reid scoffed at the idea that the record number of migrants should be considered a “crisis” and said that the argument against immigration is also an argument for pro-abortion advocates. 

“We got too many people, we’ve gotten no more space, and we can’t afford more people, but now you’re saying we need more kids?” she said.

Reid pushed on Tuberville to “explain who’s the we and what’s the purpose.”

Then, she took the rant to an even more unhinged angle.

Tuberville just wants kids to “do the work that migrants are doing now”

Reid harkened back to the days of the slave trade when “Alabama was a slave state and the mandate of the planter class in Alabama was for black women to produce more kids because those kids were property…” 

The MSNBC host said that she believed that Tuberville just wanted more kids because they “will include people who are maybe destitute and desperate enough if you kick out the immigrants…”

Suggesting that Tuberville wants to take Alabama back to the days of slavery, she implied that Tuberville wants to make these children “do the work that migrants are doing now.”

Then Reid openly considered if this was out of fear of the “great replacement,” asking if Tuberville is “concerned that there’s not enough white people in the population” compared to minority growth. 

The comments show just how deranged the Radical Left has become, and it won’t be lost on the average American. 

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