John Lennon’s son just dropped this truth bomb that left social justice warriors stunned

Photo by Tony Barnard, Los Angeles Times, CC BY-SA 4.0, via wikimedia,

The government and major corporations have invested billions into so-called DEI programs or programs that allegedly facilitate diversity, equity, and inclusion.

However, critics claim that these programs are nothing more than Marxist brainwashing, and more and more people are getting fed up with these programs.

And John Lennon’s son just dropped this truth bomb that exposed why the idea doesn’t work.

High profile DEI programs across the nation are facing significant backlash

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, countless institutions including major businesses, tech companies, and universities invested heavily in DEI programs or programs that claim to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion principles.

Almost immediately, critics pointed out the futility of these programs, accusing them of promoting extreme far-left values and theories like critical race theory.

One such critic is none other than the son of John Lennon of the Beatles, Sean Lennon, who absolutely roasted the concept of DEI.

On Wednesday, Sean Lennon tweeted about DEI on X (formerly Twitter), saying, “Have you guys heard of DEI? It stands for ‘Dumb Evil Idiots.”

He added in another tweet, “To make a long story short: the people who claim to be fighting ‘institutional racism’ are doing so by creating institutional racism. And absolutely no one should be surprised by this. And you can also supplant the word ‘racism’s with ‘oppression.’ It’s both.”

Lennon’s tweets come as many companies and institutions face criticism for making major cuts to their DEI programs, following backlash from donors and investors.

Just this week on X, tech mogul Elon Musk and former Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sparred over the merits of DEI.

Cuban tweeted, “If you don’t think there is a need for DEI and it doesn’t create a competitive advantage for your company, just look at the @x posts/replies/quotes below,” adding, “These are the same people that work for you or are your co-workers. Everyone is entitled to their POV, but these same feelings, even if they are not said out-loud, are heard loud and clear at work.”

Musk then replied, “Cool, so when should we expect to see a short white/Asian women on the Mavs?”

Cuban later replied, “You may not agree, but I take it as a given that there are people of various races, ethnicities, orientation, etc. that are regularly excluded from hiring consideration. By extending our hiring search to include them, we can find people that are more qualified. The loss of DEI-Phobic companies is my gain.”

DEI has become a sore subject for many struggling businesses

Although Joe Biden and his allies like to pretend that the economy is doing well, many businesses are still struggling to make sense of high inflation and the high costs of goods and labor.

These businesses are learning the hard way that radical far-left programs like DEI does little to nothing to help their businesses, and if anything, sows seeds of hatred and vision within their workplace.

Many economic experts believe that as the economy shows more signs of uncertainty, DEI programs will be among the first things to go.

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