John Kerry bows out as Climate Czar. But this Congressman is demanding accountability for his killing of this industry

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Leftists can get unhinged about many issues, but none gets them going more than an impending climate crisis.

Trillions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted in the last three decades trying to solve this “problem,” yet no real results have occurred, but many government officials are demanding trillions more. 

Now John Kerry is stepping down as Climate Czar, and this Congressman is demanding he be made accountable for his actions.

Experts agree that John Kerry’s climate initiatives have created more problems than they have solved

From day one, Joe Biden and his administration made it very clear that tackling the so-called “climate crisis” comes before anything else. 

Joe Biden named former Senator John Kerry to serve as his Climate Czar, giving him wide-ranging and constitutionally ambiguous powers over the issue. 

However, on Saturday, John Kerry announced that he has decided to step down from this role. 

Following the announcement of Kerry’s resignation, many on the Left heaped praise on John Kerry, despite his failure to achieve his climate goals. 

Among those praising him was former Vice President turned extreme climate commentator Al Gore, who said, “John Kerry’s tireless work to deliver global progress on the climate crisis has been heroic.” 

Gore added, “He has approached this challenge with bold vision, resolute determination, and the urgency that this crisis demands. For that the U.S. and the whole world owe him a huge debt of gratitude.”

However, not everyone shares Gore’s positive outlook on Kerry’s tenure as Climate Czar, with Congressman Chip Roy of Texas saying last year that “Climate Czar John Kerry is the poster child for the Biden administration’s anti-energy policies that are destroying both our economy and national security.”

Many of John Kerry’s critics point to his failures regarding electric vehicles as the primary reason for his downfall as Climate Czar. 

Since taking over as Climate Czar, John Kerry aggressively pushed for further production of electric vehicles, causing significant harm to auto-manufacturing employees and consumers alike. 

The bottom line is that consumers overwhelmingly do not want electric vehicles and the many hassles that owning one creates for drivers. 

John Kerry and Joe Biden have a relationship spanning decades, and many political experts believe that Kerry’s ascension to the position of Climate Czar is just another part of Joe Biden’s spoils-based government. 

As it stands, the Joe Biden White House has not outlined its plans to replace Kerry, as they continue to focus heavily on the 2024 campaign cycle. 

Joe Biden’s climate policies have cost taxpayers and employees untold billions

Democrat lawmakers like Joe Biden often claim that there are no threats bigger than climate change. 

Rather than fund projects that help the environment, Democrats often prefer to use funds allocated for such to reward their political allies, lining the pockets of union officials and political donors. 

Many experts believe that this is exactly why the Joe Biden Administration has failed to make any progress on their aggressive environmental goals, despite spending nearly three years in the White House. 

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