Joe Rogan said one brutal word about this man on the street video

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular podcast hosts in America, as well as a liberal comedian.

Rogan thought he had seen it all but he hadn’t.

And Joe Rogan said one brutal word about this man on the street video.

The Daily Caller’s latest “Man vs. Street” video asked a series of young women if a 12-year-old should be allowed to get a tattoo.

Each said no.

Co-host Malik Lahrim then asked if children should be allowed to take puberty blockers and undergo chemical castration as part of transitioning to transgender.

Each one of the women gladly supported allowing minor children to undergo transgender medical procedures.

Joe Rogan discussed the Daily Caller video on an episode of his podcast with guest Brian Redbarn and could only muster the response of “bro” at the insanity taking root on the Left, which says that children are too young to get a tattoo but should be free to undergo life changing surgeries that that mutilate their bodies. 


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The creators of “Man vs. Street” were thrilled to see their content getting picked up by Rogan and shared with a broader audience.

“This is what Man vs Street is all about,” Lahrim and co-host Joel Gibbons said in response to Rogan’s comments. “We go out there asking questions for our YouTube channel that we hope extend beyond the online and into the stratosphere of the everyday American’s living room. If nobody addresses these problems head on, then nothing will change. Thank you to Joe Rogan and others like him for spreading awareness on tough issues like this!”

“It’s good to know that Joe Rogan sees where real news starts — not with war correspondents on the ground in Israel or Peter Doocy questioning KJP, but with Man Vs. Street from Joel and Malik,” Daily Caller deputy editor Dylan Housman added.

There is tremendous pushback across the country against the Left infiltrating schools and brainwashing kids with pro-transgender propaganda.

Even Democrats are growing worried about the direction of their party.

A bill in Florida which banned teachers from talking about gender identity with children in grades K-3, attracted 61 percent support according to a poll by Public Opinion Strategies.

The Left clearly overreached on this front in their endless culture war on traditional American values. 

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