Joe Biden set off a social media firestorm after tripping up Air Force One steps again

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

People are concerned about Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities, and nowhere does this show itself so obviously as in his propensity to fall in public, especially on the stairs going into Air Force One. 

And now, a brand-new video shows Biden having yet another tough time keeping his balance.

The viral video features the President stumbling up the stairs to his plane, which set off another social media firestorm.

Biden trips up the stairs – again

A brand-new video featuring President Biden stumbling up the stairs of Air Force One has sparked a new discussion on social media.

Many conservatives mocked Biden as they noted how yet another stumble, this time on the airplane’s shorter stairs, shows just how he is “falling apart in real-time.”

Several people have questioned the stamina and fitness of the commander-in-chief, including one person who joked that Biden will eventually need to be carried up the stairs on a “stretcher.”

In the video, Biden saluted the U.S. military personnel standing at the bottom of the new, shorter stairs that lead to Air Force One.

He then proceeded to climb the steps as he stumbled, but he caught himself midway with the handrail.

The video’s release has done nothing to calm or squelch major concerns about the President’s mental and physical fitness.

Fox News contributor Leo Terrell wrote on X, “Joe is afraid of stairs!!”

RNC operative Jake Schneider wanted to know, “What comes after the short stairs? Strapping Biden onto a stretcher and carrying it?”

One person gave the President a bit of a break when The Spectator contributing editor Stephen Miller posted, “Well it did look a little windy.”

But conservative digital strategist Alec Sears was much more sarcastic, writing, “Lots of vigor on display here.”

The X account Citizen Free Press shared the video on its social media account and added, “Joe Biden almost trips twice on the short steps. The man is falling apart in real-time.”

The President didn’t fall when he stumbled up the stairs this time, but it still caused alarm for many viewers, as most Americans remember several of Biden’s infamous stumbles while climbing the taller set of Air Force One steps in 2021. 

The stumbles are nothing new

Joe Biden has almost stumbled up the very same steps many times in recent years.

Those stumbles prompted his team to swap out the taller set of stairs for shorter ones last year to make boarding Air Force One easier.

The New York Times reported, “Now, there is a Secret Service agent positioned at the bottom of the stairs when he disembarks” earlier this month.

But stumbling up Air Force One stairs isn’t the only time the President has had major falls in public.

Biden experienced a dramatic fall when he was on stage at the 2023 Air Force Academy commencement event, marking one of the most famous of such incidents from his first term.

After the fall, The New York Times reported in November 2023 that the Biden 2024 campaign launched operation “Bubble Wrap” after campaign insiders said they had plans to help protect the President from falling on stage or when he climbed the steps to his plane.

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