Joe Biden just weaponized Artificial Intelligence against the American people

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

Joe Biden has proven that there’s nothing he won’t do to weaponize the federal government against us.

He is using the courts to put his political opponents in jail, unleashed the bureaucracy to crush small business, and his partnerships with Big Tech have helped the administration to curtail free speech and stamp out dissent.

Now he has unleashed a new executive order dealing with Artificial Intelligence, and no American will be spared.

Biden promises to address “Equity and Civil Rights” issues with Artificial Intelligence

This week Joe Biden signed an “Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence.” 

The EO covered a variety of topics including privacy rights, consumer protections, labor protections, and America’s leadership in the controversial field. 

The order promises to establish “new standards” for acceptable use and a “comprehensive strategy for responsible innovation.” 

The fact sheet issued by the White House communications office said that executive action was “vital” and that they hope to begin working with Congress to “pursue bipartisan legislation” to address the issue.

The initiative also addresses “Equity and Civil Rights” implications of Artificial Intelligence and warns that “irresponsible use” can create more discrimination and injustice in our nation. 

That’s why they are going to regulate how it is used and establish guidelines to make sure there’s no “algorithmic discrimination.”

Of course, there’s much more to this order than they are letting on in their “factsheet.”

DHS studying use of “autonomous surveillance towers” to watch over the people

According to reporting from the Washington Post, the Biden administration also ordered intelligence agencies and other federal agencies to explore how they will be able to harness the power of AI. 

The implications of this move could go far beyond what normal Americans want to see.

One proposal from the Department of Homeland Security could see the creation of “autonomous surveillance towers” that don’t require human operators. 

These towers will be used to scan areas in the real world to discover “items of interest” then record notable activities. 

This could become a very troubling development considering the rampant weaponization of the federal government against conservatives under the Biden administration. 

The use of “autonomous” tools will likely be wielded against the American people. But that’s exactly what the Biden administration wants.

The move would be a total contradiction of the promise to protect Civil Rights.

CIA will use AI to “sift through an avalanche of public information”

The Department of Homeland Security isn’t the only law enforcement agency that would stand to benefit from the expansion of Artificial Intelligence tools. 

The Central Intelligence Agency could also see a huge benefit in information gathering and filtering.

Randy Nixon, a director at the CIA charged with developing AI tools for the agency, says that the new tools could be used to “sift through an avalanche of public information.” 

“We’ve gone from newspapers and radio, to newspapers and televisions, to newspapers and cable television, to basic internet, to big data, and it just keeps going,” he said.

Nixon says that the format changes have made information collection schemes more like finding “needles in a needle field.”

While says that the US will benefit from “improve[d] government services,” the truth is that the people will bear the least of the benefits. 

The technology is more likely to serve the interests of Big Government and help them to control the population.

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