Joe Biden just shook up the political world when he took his name off the ballot

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

The 2024 Presidential election is already like none other in American history.

Now Biden injected more uncertainty into the race.

And Joe Biden just shook up the political world when he took his name off the ballot with this bombshell letter.

New Hampshire traditionally holds the “First in the Nation” Presidential Primary.

But Joe Biden scrambled the usual primary calendar by demanding South Carolina vote first.

Democrats have long claimed there are too many white people in Iowa and New Hampshire – the established kickoff states – so moving South Carolina up also fits with the Left’s reverence for woke identity politics.

But putting South Carolina first also ensured that Biden wouldn’t face a serious Primary challenge from the Left, as the Palmetto State’s large population of black voters would give Biden a resounding win no matter who he faced.

Iowa acceded to the new calendar and will announce the results of its vote by mail primary on March 5, which is Super Tuesday.

But New Hampshire is moving ahead with an unauthorized primary in January.

And as such, the Biden campaign informed the New Hampshire state Democrat Party that Biden is removing his name from the state ballot.

“While the President wishes to participate in the Primary, he is obligated as a Democratic candidate for President to comply with the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2024 Democratic National Convention promulgated by the Democratic National Committee,” Biden campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez wrote to New Hampshire Democratic Party chair Ray Buckley.

“In accordance with this guidance, Biden for President will refrain from submitting a Declaration of Candidacy for the Primary ahead of Friday’s candidate filing deadline for the Primary,” Rodriguez added.

Biden’s name not appearing on the ballot created an opening for Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips.

Phillips spent months criticizing the idea of the 80-year-old Biden running for re-election, as polls showed Biden could lose to Donald Trump.

A Phillps for President bus was spotted on the road ahead of his expected campaign launch in New Hampshire on Friday.

New Hampshire Democrats are furious that Biden took away their Presidential Primary, which provides economic life blood every four years as campaigns pour millions of dollars into the state economy.

To win, Biden will have to stage a write-in campaign.

Losing the New Hampshire Primary would be a massive embarrassment to Biden as no sitting President lost a Primary since 1980.

With a hostage crisis in the Middle East and rampant inflation, Joe Biden can’t afford any more comparisons to Jimmy Carter.

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