Joe Biden is losing support in liberal Hollywood, even this loudmouth leftist has had it with “Cadaver Joe”

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The Hollywood elite often walk in lockstep to the woke agenda.

But new cracks are showing up in this progressive fortress as Biden’s policies are being exposed as completely unrealistic and causing real harm to America.  

And now this one loud-mouthed, ultra-liberal actor posted a video that just absolutely obliterated “Cadaver Joe Biden.”

Michael Rapaport goes off on Biden

Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport has long been a major critic of former President Donald Trump, but now, he’s getting fed up with Joe Biden’s “policies.”

The actor just uploaded a hardcore rant against the issues surrounding illegal aliens in New York City, suggesting that if Biden doesn’t do something about these problems, then voting for Trump is “on the table.”

Rapaport took to X to rally against the recent story about a group of illegal aliens who beat up a cop in Times Square and were then released without bond.

He was visibly irate at the idea that Biden and his ilk have been tougher on foreign issues than domestic ones.

The clip opened with Rapaport slamming his fist on a table and saying, “This is why when I say voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table, voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table!”

He went on: “The other day in New York City, six illegal aliens jumped a New York City cop. NYPD’s finest. They jumped a New York City cop in Times Square and were arrested and released without bail.”

The incident he was referring to was captured on surveillance footage and showed two police officers getting kicked and hit by a group of illegals. 

Several of the men who were arrested were later released without bail, and four of them are allegedly now in California after using fake names to obtain travel vouchers.

Furious with the news, Rapaport said that one of the migrants even flipped off a news camera when they left a New York City courtroom.

“Released without bail. Came out of the courtroom on some Tupac – raising the middle finger with the Detroit Redwings jersey. Let me tell you something, what the f— is the world coming to if you could be from another country, beat up a cop in New York City, and walk out with no f—— bail? What the f— is the world coming to?” he said. 

The actor took aim at “Cadaver Joe Biden”

But Rapaport didn’t stop at going off about the incident in his city – he also took the time to rip into Joe Biden.

“On the same day that happens, Cadaver Joe Biden issues an executive order about four a—— ‘settlers’ in Judea, Samara – aka the West Bank. Some troublemakers, three of the four have already been arrested,” he continued.

He chastised Biden for focusing on that issue when there is a “war going on” in the region and “while there’s a hundred-plus hostages still being held in Gaza. You’re talking about that, but you’ve got nothing to say about mother—— beating up cops in New York City? The greatest city on earth?”

Rapaport then lamented that maybe his city is “not the greatest city on earth anymore if you could beat up cops – if you could beat up cops in the ‘greatest city in the world’ and be released without bail. Are we the greatest city on earth? Cadaver Joe Biden, we see you! We f—— see you!”

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