Joe Biden is breaking the rules again in order to keep his supporters from freaking out

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The Democrat elites are worried about Joe Biden’s chances of beating Trump in November.

But the President has been pulling out all the stops to woo them so they will continue their support.

But Biden’s latest move to reassure his donors may have been a serious violation of the law.

Biden has been warned to stop the meal invitations

Last year, President Biden was told by the White House Counsel office that offering to give big-money donors private tours of the Oval Office and host lunches could raise some serious legal and ethics issues.

He’s been hosting donors inside the White House for everything from special lunches and dinners to private briefings, trying to convince them that he can beat former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

But the move has caused several people to sound the alarm and make sure that the lunches and dinners are done via strict parameters, including where they can be held and who can attend.

Donors cannot be directly solicited for donations, and events must take place in the White House map room, the old family dining room, or the tennis pavilion to comply with ethics laws.

The private gatherings have been organized by Biden’s campaign co-chair, movie mogul and Democrat mega-donor Jefferey Katzenberg.

According to White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates, “It’s typical for any president, regardless of party, to host supporters at the White House complex, which is both a working office as well as a personal residence.”

“President Biden and his team take all rules concerning the White House and re-elections seriously, and we’re proud of that,” he continued.

Kendric Payne, ethics director at the Campaign Legal Center, said there are federal laws governing how elected officials can do their campaigning.

He said, “There are certain rooms in the White House, particularly in the residence that are not covered under the Hatch Act. The President is allowed to legally meet with and entertain donors at the White House. But you cannot give campaign contributions or solicit for campaign contributions while in the White House.”

And while there have been ethics concerns, it’s not the first time a President running for re-election has used the strong lure of visiting the White House to help their donors feel appreciated.

Many past Presidents have held holiday parties, state dinners, and other activities to keep supporters confident and happy about their choices.

Administration blatantly ignores the law

Joe Biden has had almost half a dozen meetings in groups of anywhere from four to eight people since he launched his campaign.

But the bulk of those meetings happened just before the holidays in December 2023, as the re-election year started ramping up.

According to people familiar with those meetings, there is no set agenda, and the conversations have included a variety of topics like how to handle Donald Trump, abortion rights, and the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The White House held three state dinners in 2023 where some of the biggest Democrat donors attended, leaving the issue open to serious scrutiny.

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