Joe Biden can’t even stay on script during a choreographed press conference and Fox News just exposed it

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Even Joe Biden’s biggest supporters know he is clearly slipping mentally.

His handlers and stenographers in the corporate-controlled media are having a tougher time covering for him.

Now Biden can’t even stay on script during a choreographed press conference and Fox News just exposed the whole thing.

Joe Biden in mental decline

Joe Biden has only held a measly 33 news conferences as President.

No President in recent memory has conducted fewer.

Donald Trump, who was and is despised by the Democrat-controlled media, did more than that.

There is a reason why Biden continues to hide in the basement.

Biden’s handlers have to work overtime to make sure that all of his press events are carefully choreographed.

Biden routinely has cheat sheets that tell him who to call on, even what the question will be.

And Biden reads whatever he’s told, similar to Will Ferrell’s character Ron Burgundy in the comedy Anchorman.

And Biden’s cognitive decline was on full display during a scheduled press event with Kenya’s President William Ruto.

A befuddled Biden called Kamala Harris the President, looked stunned when reporters began shouting questions, forgot one reporter’s question, then delivered his answer without looking up from his cheat sheet.

Fox News holding Biden accountable

Fox News anchor John Roberts was taken aback by the whole embarrassing fiasco.

Roberts called out Biden for reading off someone else’s homework.

“I was really curious about — and it was really highlighted at the end of that, Sandra — was the president — to the Kenyan reporter, the president said, ‘I’m sorry, what was your question?’ She repeats the question, and then he reads off a lengthy set of notes,” Roberts said.

Co-host Sandra Smith confirmed, “Mm-hmm, on multiple occasions.”

Roberts continued, “That sat with me a little weirdly.”

Smith noted that Biden chastised a reporter for breaking their “deal” and asking a question for which he was not prepared.

She added, “On multiple occasions he asked for the question to be repeated, at one point telling a reporter asking a question on the ICC, ahead of a question to Ruto, quote, ‘You guys never keep the deal, but that’s OK.’ Indicating that the question was known and that they strayed from the question. One reporter even tried to get in a second question, he said, ‘No, just one.’”

Roberts likened Biden’s press conferences to scripted WWE matches.

He pondered, “Yeah, I’m wondering, was the deal like one question or was it straying from the intended question?”

“We don’t know,” Smith admitted.

Roberts concluded, “Raises more questions about, how much do they know going into these news conferences?”

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