Jay Leno’s advice on picking a spouse has worked for him for 42 years and helped navigate this horrible tragedy

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Jay Leno was the king of late-night TV for 21 years as the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show.  While that is impressive, he has also been married for 42 years, which is more impressive in Hollywood.

But while he says his marriage has been easy, this recent bad news has made life challenging. 

But Jay Leno just revealed this surprising advice on picking a spouse that is getting him through this tragedy.

Jay Leno opens up about his wife’s dementia diagnosis

Former Tonight Show host and car enthusiast Jay Leno has had a challenging couple of years.

In a November 2022, fire Leno suffered serious burns while working on one of his classic cars in his garage.

Then, just months after his garage fire, he was injured in a motorcycle accident. 

And in January, Mavis, his wife of 44 years, was sadly diagnosed with dementia.

During a recent charity event, Leno was interviewed by Fox News Digital and opened up about his wife’s condition and how he is dealing with it.

He was asked if his faith and family were of help and comfort to him and his wife in trying to deal with her dementia diagnosis.

“All of that,” Leno said. “Exactly. It’s the whole thing. We’ve been married 44 years. It gets easier. It doesn’t get harder.”

Leno met Mavis while he was performing as a standup comic at the Comedy Store in the 1970s.

And they’ve enjoyed a long and amazing relationship ever since.

In April, Leno was granted conservatorship over Mavis by a judge. 

Despite their challenges, Leno says the couple is leading a normal life.

“We do everything together,” Leno said. “I go home every night, make dinner and sit around. We enjoy each other’s company.”

Jay Leno says to “Marry the person you wish you could be”

Leno revealed to the crowd at the charity event the advice that he gave actress Drew Barrymore about getting married on The Tonight Show in the 1990s, before her first marriage.

“Marry your conscience,” Leno said. “Marry the person you wish you could be. That’s kind of how you stay married for 44 years.”

Leno became emotional when talking about his wife at the event, saying marrying her is “the smartest thing I’ve ever done.”

“I had to smile when I saw that young college girl come out, which reminded me of a young girl I met,” Leno said about the previous speaker. “She [Mavis] had the same fire. A couple weeks later, I told a story of picking up the front page of a paper with a picture of her [Mavis]. [I thought] this is going to be a fascinating relationship, and it has been.”

Leno added that marriage has been easy for them because they enjoy each other’s company.

“We have a lot of fun,” Leno explained. “People say marriage is difficult. I don’t get it. I enjoy her company. I enjoy taking care of her. We have fun. She’s the most independent woman I ever knew. Again, I just couldn’t be prouder of her.”

The charity event was a rare public appearance for Leno and his wife since her dementia diagnosis.

Leno joked to People previously that staying faithful was the key to their long-lasting marriage. 

“Not screwing around is a huge key,” Leno said. “You can do a lot. You can leave your underwear on the doorknob for the rest of your life if you don’t screw around.”

Jay Leno and his wife are making the best of a difficult situation, and faith is playing a big role.

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