Jaws hit the floor after this NFL legend made this shocking announcement

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The NFL regular season has come and gone, and teams are in the midst of an exciting and highly anticipated postseason. 

As always, a number of head coaches faced the chopping block or retired following the 2023 season, creating a significant number of coaching vacancies across the league. 

But jaws hit the floor after this NFL legend made this shocking announcement. 

Bill Belichick has called it quits after a legendary coaching career

Few head coaches have taken their team to the Super Bowl, never mind actually winning this world-renowned game. 

However, the New England Patriots head coach managed to win a record-setting six Super Bowls throughout his career, which many experts believe makes him the greatest to ever do it. 

On Thursday morning, Bill Belichick shocked the sports world, announcing his retirement from serving as Head Coach of the New England Patriots. 

It is unclear what Bill Belichick plans on doing next, but for now, it seems as if he will just sit back and enjoy his retirement. 

Belichick’s announcement comes just one day after Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban announced his retirement, after leading the University of Alabama to six National Titles. 

Last November, legendary Quarterback Tom Brady, who spent most of his career under Bill Belichick’s leadership, spoke out to sports commentator Stephen A. Smith about rumors that Bill Belichick could leave New England at the end of the season. 

Per Tom Brady, “He’s the best coach, in my belief, in the history of the game, so I don’t know. The thought of him not being in New England is hard for me to think about.”

Brady added, “Ultimately, you’ve got to have a lot of people around you to succeed. You’ve got to have a lot of things in place for the organization to be successful.  I’m sure he is preparing the team the same way.  But again, that’s why the sport is so challenging.  There’s a lot of reasons why teams win or lose.”

This past season, the Bill Belichick New England Patriots had one of the worst seasons since Belichick took over in 2000, recording an abysmal 4-13, putting them dead last in the AFC.

There are no indications regarding who the New England Patriots may select to fill this vacancy; however, an announcement is expected in the coming months. 

Few individuals have made an indelible mark on the NFL quite like Bill Belichick has

Since taking over as head coach for the New England Patriots in 2000, the Patriots won 6 Super Bowls and countless division titles. 

Bill Belichick is also credited with developing legendary players like Tom Brady, who is widely considered as the greatest Quarterback to ever play the game. 

Rumor has it that Belichick may look for another team to coach; however, many individuals are skeptical if committing to a whole new team is worth it for Belichick. 

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