James Carville makes hilarious comparison over Biden’s major failings in the polls

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Joe Biden has had the backing of the mainstream media for much of his first term in the White House.

But public opinion is shifting in a big way, and that is putting pressure on news outlets to report honestly.

Now James Carville is poking at Biden with this hilarious comparison over his political shortcomings.

Biden is facing embarrassing numbers in polls ahead of reelection

When Joe Biden took the podium for the annual State of the Union Address in early March, it was clear what was on his mind. 

The incumbent President needs to change the minds of millions of Americans who have turned their backs to him over the course of his first term. 

The President took office in early 2021 enjoying a strong approval rating of 53 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight. 

But within months, the harsh reality set in for America when Biden’s policies pushed the price of everything through the roof. 

By August 2021, his approval rating had slumped to 47 percent. 

Now Biden is underwater with an approval rating of just 40.1 percent, and he’s lost ground in multiple battleground states. 

According to a recent poll by Morning Consult, Donald Trump is leading Biden in Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

And the two are neck and neck in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Voices in the media have slowly been turning on Biden

Democrat pundits in the media are beginning to turn on Biden after years of friendly coverage. 

On March 22, Time Magazine published a story titled “The Plan to Save Joe Biden’s Campaign” added fuel to the fire by hinting that the incumbent is facing an uphill battle and voiced concern over his plan to turn it around.

This comes after the New York Times published an opinion piece by the director of polling at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute for Politics that had ran with the overt headline “Joe Biden is in Trouble.”

Now another major voice has made a hilarious comparison to Joe Biden’s polling numbers. 

But the President won’t laugh when he reads the transcript from NYT’s interview with James Carville.

Carville says Trump “projects energy” and Biden may not be able to turn things around

In the interview Carville was discussing Biden’s abysmal polling, and he made a comment suggesting that Biden is already past the point of recovery. 

“When I look at these polling numbers, it’s like walking in on your grandma naked. . .you can’t get the image out of your mind,” he said.

Carville offered a common explanation for the problem but hardly addressed the real concern of most voters. 

“If you do a focus group, the first thing out of anybody’s mouth is ‘Old’,” he said, discussing the polling shortfalls. 

The prominent Democrat strategist urged his colleagues in the party to acknowledge the problem and stop pretending “like it doesn’t exist.”

Carville said that contrary to Biden, Trump “projects energy,” and no one should suggest otherwise. 

“Now don’t tell me that Biden has more energy or cognition than Trump,” he said when discussing the common age range. 

“I don’t think [Biden] can do much more than soldier on and let the Democrat groups kick in,” he concluded. 

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