J6 protestors got more time in jail than this woman caught red handed poisoning her husband

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Social media went nuts when this shocking case went public.  This Arizona woman was caught trying to poison her husband.

This case of cold-blooded attempted murder, done for pure unadulterated greed, was virtually dismissed by a judge because of a lack of punishment despite the heinous nature of the crime.

But now this Arizona woman is walking away from this heinous crime with less punishment than people who were at the capital on J6.

It was an unspeakable crime, and it appears it was motivated by pure unadulterated greed.

Roby Johnson of Pima County, Arizona, went to investigators last year and told them he believed his wife, Melody Felicano Johnson, was trying to kill him.

A dangerous way to “Wake up and smell the coffee”

Johnson said it all started when he first noticed an unusual taste and odor in his coffee in March of 2023 while he was stationed in Germany.

At the time, the Johnsons were living together but were going through the process of getting a divorce.

Roby Johnson became suspicious enough after he noticed the same foul taste in his coffee on multiple occasions that he decided to put his concerns to the test.

He told detectives that he used pool testing strips on the coffee that his wife had prepared for him.

The testing strips showed “showed high levels of chlorine.”

Once he became wise to what was going on, Johnson said he stopped drinking the coffee but pretended that he was still doing so.

To further prove what his wife was doing, he even set up hidden cameras.

Investigators say it was those cameras that caught Melody Johnson pouring bleach into a container and then pouring that into the coffee maker.

In a video recording made by the husband, he said from behind the camera, “Watch this. Guarantee you’re gonna see purple. Boom!” 

He then held up the test strip after dipping it into the water and added, “Wow! Whatever’s in there there’s a lot of it.”

Johnson waited until the couple returned to Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson and then filed a police report.

According to Tucson.com, Melody Feliciano Johnson “pleaded guilty to two counts of adding poison or a harmful substance to food or drink, which carries a much lesser penalty than her initial charge of attempted murder, county prosecutors said.”

Despite her actions and her attempts to kill her husband, she was only sentenced to probation.

Social media users were horrified at what many perceived to be a disgustingly lenient sentence given the severity of her actions.

Social media users say she got off easy

A user called Brick Suit wrote, “Wait?! Three years probation for attempted premeditated murder? That makes ZERO sense.”

Gideon 6ix wrote, “We really do have a terrible justice system. She should have gotten 30+years-, a man would’ve. She will do this again.”

And popular commentator Collin Rugg added, “This is called ‘Selective Justice.’ J6ers got way worse sentencing than this.”

Judge Javier Chon-Lopez did order Felicano Johnson to undergo a mental health evaluation and to have no additional contact with the victim.

Roby Johnson claims that his wife’s motive was simply to get life insurance benefits upon his death.

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