Iowans are furious after woke commentators smear the state as a bunch of racists

Photo by Luke Harold, Public Domain via Wikimedia

Race and identity come before everything for most leftists, typically resulting in the spread of hatred and division. 

Leftists believe that everyone who doesn’t think their way is an evil Nazi. 

And after some woke media commentators made these remarks, Iowans are furious.

Leftists are fuming after Donald Trump won Iowa in a landslide

On Monday, voters participated in the Iowa caucus, marking the first official elections of the 2024 presidential campaign cycle. 

Donald Trump won Iowa without any hiccups, securing 51% of the vote, beating his closest competitor by nearly 30%. 

Trump’s performance in Iowa last Monday has reasserted his dominance over the Republican Party, causing many on the Left to panic over the possibility of another term for Donald trump.  

Among those panicking is virulent Trump hater Joy Reid, host of The ReidOut program on MSNBC. 

Following Donald Trump’s landslide victory in Iowa, Reid blamed race and other factors, going as far as to complain about the racial makeup of Iowa. 

Per Reid, “We were sort of laughing about the fact that they’re talking about electability when he’s literally lost everything he’s touched for the last four years.”

She added, “But I feel like the important sort of data point, and you know, Steve talks about it a lot, he’s going to talk about it a little more tonight, is that these are white Christians. This is a state that is overrepresented by white Christians that are going to participate in the caucuses, especially tonight.”

However, Joy Reid did not stop there, criticizing Christian Iowans for their faith and love of America. 

Per Reid, “All of the things that we think about — about electability, about what are people gaming out — none of that matters when you believe that God has given you this country, that it is yours.” 

Adding, “And that everyone who is not a white conservative Christian is a fraudulent American, is a less-real American. And you don’t care about electability. You care about what God has given you.”

Although these remarks may shock many Americans, especially Christians and/or conservatives, this is hardly the first time Reid has made these sorts of remarks.

In fact, nearly every segment of her program is laced with anti-white and anti-Christian remarks such as these, spreading hatred and lies to everyone who hears them. 

There are good reasons why people like Joy Reid are suffering to hold on to viewers

Although Joy Reid’s comments have shocked and angered millions of Americans, the truth is that her regular audience has shrunk to unsustainable levels. 

Fewer and fewer people are tuning into her aggressive and hateful program, as well as other programs on the struggling MSNBC network. 

Comments such as the ones she made about Trump and his supporters are geared to spread anger and dissent, further dividing America and fueling hatred against Donald Trump and his supporters. 

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