If this JP Morgan executive is correct, the 2024 elections are going to get a lot stranger

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

After the last few years of new wars and the end of COVID, Americans want change, and that could lead to a very turbulent election year.

But one of the biggest names in the banking industry just made a serious prediction about the election that could radically change the political landscape.

JP Morgan’s top strategist makes one prediction about Biden that will throw the whole 2024 election into turmoil.

Presidential elections are unpredictable

When it comes to general elections, things can get unpredictable real fast.

Just think back to the 2016 election.

On the Republican side, heading into the 2016 election, many had Jeb Bush as the undisputed Republican nominee.

But then Trump came out of nowhere and started to climb up the polls as he expressed the hardships Americans were going through.

The people finally found a voice in Donald Trump as he went from zero percent to the President of the United States in little over a year.

And then you have the 2020 election on the Democrat side where Bernie Sanders was pulling away with the election.

He was stacking up unbelievable numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire.

But then like a light switch the Democrats flipped the election and bolstered Joe Biden the week before South Carolina, and the rest is history.

And many are trying to figure out what the surprise will be heading into the 2024 election.

There are a lot of unprecedented things swirling around the 2024 election.

For one, you have the presumptive Republican nominee facing over 90 criminal charges with nearly a half dozen court cases scheduled to take place before the general election in November.

And then when you look at both Biden and Trump, both would be the oldest President in the history of the United States as they push eighty.

It wouldn’t be unthinkable that one of the two wouldn’t make it to the general election.

Bye-Bye Biden?

Now, this is a theory that has been floated around social media but no one of real influence has predicted that Trump or Biden won’t make it to the general election.

Well, that’s exactly what one of the top strategists for JP Morgan is predicting for the 2024 election.

Michael Cembalest, the head manager of the market and investment strategy unit for JP Morgan, is making a prediction to start 2024 that Joe Biden will not be the Democrat nominee in the general election.

In his list of predictions for 2024, Cembalest stated that, “President Biden withdraws sometime between Super Tuesday and the November election, citing health reasons. Biden passes the torch to a replacement candidate named by the Democratic National Committee. Biden has a low approval rating for a President with ~10% job creation since his inauguration, although that figure is the by-product of his inauguration coinciding with the rollout of COVID vaccines and a reopening US economy.”

Imagine the chaos if Biden dropped out of the Democrat primary.

There would be complete madness within the Democrat Party as they try to pick which communist they will bolster up as their nominee.

Will Trump and Biden be on the 2024 general election ballot?