Idaho lawmakers just passed a law that every American parent should be supporting

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Even in prisons, nothing is worse than a child predator.

Yet these sickos continue to molest and traffic thousands of U.S. children every year.

But the Idaho legislature has finally had enough and is pushing a law that shows just how much they hate this evil.

Idaho Representative seeks to address “deep, dark side in our culture…”

Every day, countless children are subjected to sexual abuse in our nation, and parents are tired of fearing for their children. 

Major national attention was brought to the issue in 2023 with the release of the film Sound of Freedom, which focused on international sex trafficking rings that have permeated U.S. borders.

Now, lawmakers in Idaho have passed House Bill 515, which would allow the state to sentence pedophiles in their state to death. 

The bill passed at a wide margin of 57-11 and is expected to pass the Senate with ease. 

Under current Idaho law, the only crime eligible for the death penalty is first-degree murder.

State Representative Bruce Skaug says that it’s imperative that lawmakers follow through with this bill. 

“There is a deep, dark side in our culture, and it’s our job to protect the children,” he said, adding that in the case of child sex crimes, “retribution is appropriate.”

Idaho isn’t the only state to have passed laws allowing for the death sentence to child predators.

“This bill spits on the checks and balances our country was founded on…”

Florida lawmakers passed similar legislation in April of 2023 with the support of Governor Ron DeSantis. 

The Florida bill specifically targeted anyone who was convicted of sexually abusing children under the age of 12. 

DeSantis said that often these perpetrators are “serial rapists” and that the only “appropriate punishment” is the death penalty.

But Florida and Idaho both face a tough battle at the United States Supreme Court that previously ruled against a similar measure in Louisiana. 

Kennedy v. Louisiana overturned a state law in 2008 that allowed for the death penalty in cases of child rape. 

The court ruled that the death penalty for child rapists was unconstitutional under the 8th Amendment, and the American Civil Liberties Union wants to remind the Idaho lawmakers what they’re up against. 

“House Bill 515 and any iterations of have already been litigated in our country’s highest court…this bill spits on the checks and balances our country was founded on,” said spokesperson Rebecca De León. 

Skaug says, “I believe this is worth the fight”

DeSantis has said that the reason his government took on the issue was that he believes the current Supreme Court make-up might result in an overturning of the prior court ruling. 

Representative Skaug echoed the sentiment of the Florida Governor.

“Well, there’s constitutional and there’s unconstitutional. Depends on the court of the day,” Skaug said.

But no matter the potential outcome, Skaug and his colleagues believe it is worth the fight, considering the nature of the problem. 

“The victims forever live in fear of the release of their perpetrators, and many of these perpetrators are repeat criminals of this time of crime. I believe this is worth the fight,” Skaug said.

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