Hunter’s “Art Dealer” spills the beans about this Biden scam

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

”Biden Inc.” is what many people call the influence peddling criminal enterprise that surrounds Joe Biden. 

After the Hunter laptop revelations, Hunter quit working for other governments and became an “artist” to make a living.

But now his “art dealer” has spilled the beans and exposed how the whole scam worked.

Art dealer blows Hunter Biden’s narrative wide open

George Berges is a world-renowned international art dealer with galleries all over the world, including locations in Berlin and New York City.

Berges represents Hunter Biden as an artist and is responsible for handling transactions whenever one of Biden’s pieces sells to a buyer.

All of the sales of Biden’s artwork were supposed to be governed by an ethics agreement, but that wasn’t the case.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer says that in a transcribed interview, Berges told Congress the White House never talked to him regarding any ethics requirements that would oversee Hunter’s art sales.

He also said that a good number of art pieces Hunter created went to two Democrat donors. 

“Georges Berges testified under oath that he never communicated with the White House. He didn’t know anything about an ethics agreement. So, this is another lie that the White House has told the mainstream media and the American people with respect to the Biden family’s shady business games,” said Comer.

The new revelation came just one night before House Republicans are holding a markup on a resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for his failure to appear for the deposition after receiving a subpoena by the Oversight Committee.

Some of the highlights from the art dealer’s interview were released by Comer, including information that Presidential appointee and donor Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali bought one of Hunter’s pieces of art before she was appointed to a federal commission by Joe Biden and another one afterward.

Another Democrat donor, Kevin Morris, befriended Hunter, became one of his lawyers, and also bought some of his artwork.

Biden fund-raiser Lanette Phillips arranged the relationship between Berges’ art gallery and Hunter Biden, which helped lead to the sales of his work.

Late last year, federal investigators confirmed that Morris (a Hollywood talent lawyer) bought at least one painting from Hunter for over $47,500 and loaned him more than $5 million since Joe Biden started his run for President. 

Comer pointed out that Berges testified that all told, Morris bought approximately $900,000 in paintings from Hunter Biden. 

“It’s very safe to say that your figure on Kevin Morris is probably somewhere around $6 million to Hunter Biden. So that would include the loans and the artwork and everything else that we know of thus far. Now, Kevin Morris will have an opportunity to come in and explain that,” Comer added. 

New evidence is on the way

It isn’t just the testimony from Hunter’s art dealer that the committee will be examining.

Comer said the committee is also planning to pursue all of the financial records Hunter Biden turned over in an Arkansas paternity case, which led federal investigators to allege he was involved in tax evasion.

Currently, Hunter faces nine federal counts in the tax evasion case.

The fact that Berges never knew about an ethics agreement that was previously propped up by the White House puts the spotlight on a barrage of misleading statements made by President Biden, his administration, and his close Democrat political allies.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters there would be an ethics agreement to govern Hunter Biden’s art sales in July 2021, but clearly, it didn’t happen.

Only time will tell what else Joe and Hunter Biden are hiding from the American people.

Informed American will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.