Hunter Biden’s art dealer just spilled the beans on a scheme that could put the Biden’s in more hot water

Screenshot via Youtube, ABC News

Joe Biden has been more than willing to use his drug-addled son Hunter to be the middleman on influence peddling and money laundering schemes.

The grifter Biden family enterprise is so corrupt that they are always inventing new ways to funnel money into the White House with the latest grift being selling Hunter’s amateur “art.”  

But now his art dealer is turning his back on him and is spilling the beans, and it could land the First Son and Biden Inc. into a pile of trouble.

Hunter’s artwork resembles a “Generic Post Zombie Formalism”

In early 2020, Hunter Biden announced that he would be leaving the field of political lobbying for a new career—painting.  

In an interview with the New York Times, he said that he was making the move to stay “away from people and places where [he] shouldn’t be.” 

Hunter said that he was finally “comfortable,” describing himself as an artist after years of trying. 

But art critics weren’t so sure that he had what it took. 

Jerry Saltz of the New York magazine said that his art reminded him of a “Generic Post Zombie Formalism.”

Scott Indrisek, once the deputy editor of Artsy, said that it looked like something made for a “dermatologists’ waiting room” that had a “vaguely scientific, vaguely psychedelic vibe.” 

But he added, “I guess it’s important that wounded men…have the opportunity to find themselves creatively.”

Yet, people were still buying his art—now we may know why.

Some Democrat donors spent hundreds of thousands on Hunter’s artwork

Hunter’s art dealer may have exposed the First Son this week when he was questioned by House Republicans in a closed-door hearing on Capitol Hill. 

Georges Bergès is the owner and namesake of the art gallery that exhibits for sale all of Hunter’s artwork. 

Bergès was subpoenaed by the Oversight Committee on suspicion that the First Son was selling his artwork in exchange for political favors from his father. 

The art dealer is said to have provided “no comment” to the House Republicans when asked about his clients purchasing Biden’s artwork.

But their investigation has revealed that the top buyers of Biden’s paintings were Democrat mega-donors Kevin Morris and Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali. 

Bergès allegedly sold at least $875,000 worth of artwork to Morris that was created by Hunter since he began his art career.  

Naftali was the center of a more shocking revelation amid hostage negotiations with Hamas.

Naftali purchased artwork “because she liked the art”

According to Business Insider, Naftali is a “significant Democratic donor who has given $13,414 to the Biden campaign and $29,700 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee [in 2022].” 

The outlet also indicated that Naftali was a client of the Bergès Art Gallery in New York City.

It was later revealed that a 3-year-old girl whose parents were killed in the deadly October 7th attack was directly related to Naftali. 

Abigail Mor Edan was “the youngest U.S. citizen held by Hamas,” according to CBS News and was also part of the first group of hostages released by Hamas in November.

An attorney for Naftali released a statement claiming that any suggestion that she was seeking to influence the White House were “false.” 

“Any insinuation that her purchase of art was unusual or somehow improper is entirely unsupported…to be clear, Ms. Naftali purchased the artwork solely because she liked the art…”

Informed American will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.