Hunter Biden ran away from this Congressional hearing like a little girl when MTG wanted to ask him a question

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After years of drug use, prostitutes, and influence peddling, it seems like the walls are closing in on Hunter Biden. 

House investigators are hot on the trail, and many experts believe jail time is a very real possibility for the first son. And Hunter showed up at this hearing to mock the proceedings.

But Hunter Biden ran away from this Congressional hearing like a little girl when MTG wanted to ask him a question after this bizarre stunt. 

Hunter Biden’s latest stunt has baffled political experts and could come back to haunt him

Ever since the new congress formed roughly one year ago, House Republicans have pursued Hunter Biden heavily. 

Mountains of evidence have emerged, showing that Hunter Biden allegedly participated in several pay-to-play corruption schemes directly involving his father. 

House investigators are taking concrete steps to hold Hunter Biden accountable for these alleged crimes, including a hearing last Wednesday regarding whether or not to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress. 

In a move that baffled lawmakers and political pundits across the nation, Hunter Biden appeared at this hearing chuckling at the comments made by various members of Congress. 

However, when Member of Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia was given time to speak, Hunter Biden and his slick pals bolted out. 

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer later spoke out about this strange appearance and swift departure on Wednesday’s broadcast of the The Ingraham Angle on Fox News. 

Per James Comer, “He was there for about 15 minutes. [Florida Democrat Jared] Moskowitz was recognized. He said ‘Hunter Biden is here to answer questions’, and then his time expired,” going on to say, “I recognized Marjorie Taylor Greene. She was going to ask Hunter Biden questions because Moskowitz said he was there to answer questions. As soon as he realized Marjorie Taylor Greene was going to ask him a question, they ran out of there. They knocked over people on the way out the door.”

Comer added, “Look, this is an investigation of Joe Biden. It’s about what his family did to receive the millions of dollars from our enemies around the world. And we just have simple questions that we need to ask Hunter Biden in a deposition.”

Legal experts are speechless about Hunter’s latest stunt, and many believe this was a desperate attempt to demonstrate that he has participated in House proceedings in some way or another, while mocking the efforts of House Republicans. 

Hunter Biden’s recent stunt will only make his legal woes worse

More likely than not, Hunter Biden’s stunt last Wednesday will only serve to hurt him in the long run. 

Showing up for about 15 minutes or so, laughing at investigators then bolting, demonstrates a severe lack of seriousness on his part and almost flaunts the legal system. 

Unfortunately for Hunter Biden, many believe that jail time is a very real possibility for him as a result of the many indictments he faces, as well as from investigations that are still ongoing.

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