House Republicans just sent Pete Buttigieg a message with this spending bill

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Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has distinguished himself as being one of the most worthless cabinet secretaries of all time.

Paying attention to his daily activities in Washington is like watching a literal clown show.

Now House Republicans are showing him how worthless he is with an amendment to the next spending bill.

House invokes Holman Rule against Buttigieg

House Republicans have been facing calls to defund Biden’s cabinet members, and they’ve barely taken the calls seriously. 

In September, they attempted to reduce the salary of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in an amendment introduced by Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Using the Holman Rule, the House of Representatives can propose amendments to appropriations bills to affect salaries and fire specific federal employees. 

The rule originated in the 1800s but hasn’t been effectively utilized in nearly 40 years.

It was briefly reinstated from 2017 to 2019 and was brought back again earlier this year.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is the next to be targeted under the Holman Rule ahead of a deadline for government funding next week.

The goal of House Republicans is to bring Buttigieg’s salary down to $1.

Buttigieg faced criticism over East Palestine response

Buttigieg received major criticism over his response to a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, which resulted in plumes of chemical smoke being released into the air. 

Buttigieg waited nearly three weeks to visit the site of the disaster and only visited after former President Donald Trump made a visit.

Buttigieg responded to criticisms over his handling calling them “rich” and slamming Trump by calling him a “lifelong card-carrying member of the East Coast elite.” 

The Secretary of Transportation said that Trump forgot about the “middle of the country,” despite having arrived in East Palestine sooner than any member of the Biden administration.

Conservative commentators rejoiced over the news that Buttigieg faces a salary cut in the upcoming spending bill.  

“The House just approved an amendment to cut Pete Buttigieg’s salary to $1,” Savanah Hernandez wrote on X.

“After confronting him in East Palestine and his press secretary telling me I was ‘aggressive’ for asking questions on behalf of the American people, all I have to say is this is 10/10 deserved,” she added.

Buttigieg slammed over “fake photo ops”

Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives were also celebrating their symbolic move.

“Pete Buttigieg doesn’t do his job. It’s all about fake photo ops and taxpayer-funded private jet trips to accept LGBTQ awards for him. I’m happy my amendment passed, but he doesn’t deserve a single penny,” wrote Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene was referring to Buttigieg’s efforts to look more “green” friendly in staged bike rides to work early in his time as Secretary of Transportation. 

The amendment to cut his salary may have passed in the House, but it is still part of a larger spending bill that needs to be voted on. 

If it does eventually pass the House of Representatives, then it would be sent to the Senate where the Democrats hold the majority of the seats.

As much as we can enjoy this great symbolic move—it’s highly unlikely to come to fruition.

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