Hosts on The View say exactly what they’re afraid of in a possible Trump-Biden debate

Screen Shot via YouTube, The View

The radical Left has never been known for being consistent.

While they were quick to attack Trump for not debating in the GOP Primary, they are now actively discouraging a debate between Trump and Biden.

Now the hosts on The View are talking about why this matchup could be exactly what they fear most.

Hosts on The View discuss the impending General Election Debates

Donald Trump is crushing the polls and currently sits at 77.7 percent of support for the Republican nomination, according to FiveThirtyEight. 

Many people on both sides have criticized Trump for not debating his Republican rivals—but he has been seen as the presumptive nominee since he announced his candidacy.

Now, the South Carolina Primaries are right around the corner, and many people expect that Nikki Haley may drop out if she can’t beat Trump in her own state. 

So, the conversation is shifting away from Trump’s absence at Republican debates and on to what a potential Trump v. Biden debate will look like.

The hosts on ABC’s The View began discussing it earlier this week in a segment that went viral on social media. 

The women, who dominate daytime television, started off discussing Trump’s 2016 debates with Hillary Clinton.

Goldberg suggests Clinton should have “kicked” Trump “where it hurts”

Sara Haines led the conversation by saying that she believed Trump may have led “some to believe ‘oh, he’s so strong…’”. 

“He was like always hovering” behind Clinton at the debates, she said, adding that she believed this was one of many “nonverbal cues” Trump used against Clinton. 

Haines went on to explain how Trump used these “cues” to project strength to his supporters. 

“She should have kicked her foot backwards and hit him where it hurts,” Whoopi Goldberg chimed in.

In the clip, Haines implies that a debate between Trump and Biden might not be useful to American voters. 

“Normally, my gut would tell me it’s good for democracy…[but] I caveat that with if we did not know these two men as well as we do, it would be more important for them to be debating,” she said.

The host said there was only one way she would like to see Trump and Biden debate.

Trump and Biden should be stuck in “phone booths” at debates

Alyssa Farah-Griffin, a former Trump Administration official turned Never-Trumper, said that it was important for the two to debate. 

“Donald Trump needs to stand next to Joe Biden, and Joe Biden needs to call him out on the unfitness.” 

But Haines said that the one thing that would make her support the debate would be if Trump and Biden were placed in phone booths.

“I wish they would put them in phone booths and cut mics after a certain amount of time. In addition to the fact-checking, he overtalks, gaslights and everything else,” she said. 

“The only debate I would like to see is him and Nikki Haley,” Haines added.

Near the end of the exchange, the host finally admitted the one thing she feared about the debate. 

If “Biden makes one mistake, [then] people who are undecided are out.” 

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