Gavin Newsom thinks he can be President. But these numbers beg to differ

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

The more people see of Gov. Gavin Newsom, the more his polling numbers decline.

While he keeps claiming he is not running against Biden, he has been increasing his national media presence, and it seems to be backfiring. 

Some Democrats and certainly Gavin Newsom think he could be the party’s savior in 2024, but these polling numbers are creating serious doubt.

California Governor Gavin Newsom finds himself at an all-time low in approval ratings, in spite of rumors that he might be eyeing a Presidential run behind the scenes. 

A recent poll conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies in late October, revealed Newsom’s approval rating has plummeted to 44%, an alarming 11-point drop since February. 

Even more concerning for him is the fact that 49% of registered voters now disapprove of his performance, marking a 10-point rise and an all-time high.

The survey suggests that Newsom’s declining popularity could be linked to his increased involvement in national Democratic politics. 

His active role on the national stage has raised eyebrows, especially as California grapples with mounting budgetary challenges and a myriad of pressing issues. 

Critics argue that Newsom’s extensive travels, including trips to China and Israel, coupled with his frequent television appearances, indicate a broader agenda.

One notable instance was Newsom challenging Republican Presidential candidate Ron DeSantis to a debate, an invitation that DeSantis readily accepted.

This move, alongside Newsom’s prominent presence in the spin room at a recent Fox Business GOP presidential debate, has only fueled speculation about his aspirations.

Republican Rep. Doug LaMalfa of California’s First Congressional District expressed concerns about Newsom’s maneuvers, suggesting that Newsom might be positioning himself as the Democratic Party’s last resort if President Biden steps aside. 

With former President Trump emerging as a potential nominee, some speculate that Democrats are considering Newsom as a contingency plan, an emergency “fire extinguisher” to salvage their chances.

Adding to the controversy, Democratic Senator John Fetterman took a jab at Newsom, accusing him of running for President while lacking the courage to admit it openly. 

These internal party criticisms further muddy the waters around Newsom’s intentions.

A previous poll by Monmouth University shed light on the public’s sentiment about Presidential candidates’ age, with 76% of voters agreeing that Biden, age 80, was “too old” for another term. 

Interestingly, only 48% felt the same way about Trump, age 77. 

This stark contrast raises questions about the Democratic Party’s strategy and whether they might be considering a younger, fresher face for the 2024 race.

Despite mounting speculation, Newsom vehemently denies any plans for a Presidential run. 

However, as his approval ratings continue to dwindle and rumors swirl within political circles, the spotlight on Newsom’s future ambitions intensifies. 

Americans are closely watching this unfolding drama, waiting to see if Newsom will reveal his true intentions, and whether he can weather the storm of public scrutiny.

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