Gavin Newsom has already maxed out California’s credit cards, but he is still trying to spend even more

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The leftist government of California has spent every cent of taxpayer’s money it could get its hands on and then continued to put the state in deep debt.

But these facts don’t seem to be stopping the state’s progressive leadership from continuing to make bad decisions and continuing its push to spend even more.

And even though California has maxed out all of its credit cards, Newsom is still trying to spend more on his wasteful agenda.

CA to spend billions on EV chargers

California Governor Gavin Newsom doesn’t seem to care that his state is struggling financially as it faces a massive $68 billion budget deficit. 

The progressive Governor is forging ahead with a plan to spend $1.9 billion using state funds on a massive electric vehicle charging network.

His state plans to build approximately 40,000 new chargers compared to the 10,000 that are currently already in place.

The spending comes as Bidenmobile sales have tanked nationwide.

In a statement, Newsom said, “Our clean transportation future is here with more than 1 in 4 new cars sold in our state being electric. That’s why California is building a bigger and better zero-emission charging network – the most extensive in the nation.”

If California spends the already allocated $1.7 billion out of the $1.9 billion on 30,000 chargers, the cost of each charger will be nearly $60,000.

Meanwhile, Bidenmobile sales in the state are tanking as the numbers show a decrease of 10% in the last quarter of 2023 compared to the previous quarter and another 3% in the quarter before that.

Although government subsidies can help to bring prices down, it’s not encouraging most consumers to take the leap.

Americans now pay approximately $47,401 for a new car, and gas prices in California are around $4.62 per gallon, compared to $3.08 per gallon nationwide.

However, those numbers don’t seem to be enough motivation for most new car buyers to make the switch to all-electric.

The state of California’s mandate will ban the sale of new fossil-fuel vehicles by 2035, and EVs must reach a target of 35% of sales by model year 2026.

In comparison, today’s EVs represent just 25% of vehicle sales, which means the state’s goal of increasing those sales by 40% by the target date will be extremely challenging. 

Meanwhile, close to 21% of public Bidenmobile chargers are not functioning because of “unresponsive or unavailable screens, payment system failures, charge initiation failures, network failures, or broken connectors.”

Spending more money on the infrastructure may help to improve functionality, but there’s no real clear direction on how California’s new state-funded chargers would address those issues.

Bidenmobiles are not reliable

Not only are EV owners having trouble with charging stations, but many are also having issues with the reliability of the vehicles themselves.

A Consumer Reports study found that Bidenmobiles have 79% more reliability problems than their gas-powered counterparts.

Yet, Gavin Newsom wants to spend another $10 billion toward EVs, which doesn’t include the additional billions in federal spending.

As of now, gas-powered vehicles take approximately two minutes to fill, but a 60-kilowatt-hour Tesla Model 3 takes between eight and 12 hours to charge at a Tesla Destinations charger.

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