Everything is being cut in NYC’s budget but this one area

Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels

Illegals are flooding the Big Apple, potholes are getting bigger, and crime is going through the roof.

Despite the problems, NYC is having to slash big hunks of its budget.

But while NYC has already started slashing budgets for firefighters and police to pay for illegal aliens, one public service might be spared.

NYC is trying to save its public libraries

New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s Administration is preparing to reveal its latest round of budget cuts so the city can accommodate illegal aliens.

The cuts come after the city has rolled back a few controversial cuts already, and now they’ve promised that NYC’s library system will be spared any further budget reductions.

The City Council is preparing to be briefed for the preliminary 2025 fiscal year budget, which is likely going to get a 5% spending reduction for several city agencies.

This will mark the second of three 5% slashes the mayor has claimed are necessary to close the budget gap created by the surge of approximately 170,000 new illegal aliens coming to the city’s shelter systems since the spring of 2022.

Meanwhile, the city has received some unexpected windfalls, specifically higher-than-expected tax revenues and a successful plan to cut costs that provide services to illegal aliens.

Governor Kathy Hochul is also set to give the city another $2 billion from the state budget, which will give NYC a total investment of $3.8 billion from New York State.

According to some sources, the police, fire, sanitation, and education departments may not see the full 5% cuts they once faced because the budget is expected to come in at $110 billion, up $3 billion from last year.

The sources added that the NYPD will receive a $120 million increase in funding, and all of the policy academy classes will be restored.

Adams has been quiet about what New Yorkers might expect during this next round of budget changes, casually brushing off reporters who have been asking for details.

But Adams posted a video on social media dropping a hint about what’s to come.

“We are holding our city’s three library systems harmless in this round to prevent further service reductions and protect those vital institutions,” said Adams. 

Other cuts have been reversed

Last week, Adams also reversed close to $200 million in cuts that were made in November.

The rollbacks include restoring the final NYPD class of the year, FDNY staffing, education programs, and garbage services.

According to some, the budget restoration was possible because City Hall’s conservative projection in tax revenue led to a budget overage.

Meanwhile, the Big Apple has cut the cost of illegal alien services by 20%, which has reduced the total cost to over $10 billion through the next fiscal year.

However, Adams’ budget chief Jacques Jiha says the city still faces a massive $7 billion budget gap thanks to the illegal alien crisis.

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