Donald Trump burst into laughter after hearing this unbelievable immigration plan

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Every day thousands of illegal aliens swarm across the U.S. border while Biden fiddles around. 

The Governors of Texas and Florida have started shipping these illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” such as NY or Chicago, where woke liberals say they want them. 

But even big city Democrats are starting to admit Trump was absolutely correct.

Many so-called Sanctuary cities are starting to regret their stances in favor of illegal immigration

Several years ago, many Democrat-controlled states and cities hopped on the trend of declaring themselves as so-called “sanctuary cities” or “sanctuary states.”

These laws allow illegal aliens to reside in these respective states or cities without fear of facing any sort of legal trouble for their illegal immigration status.

However, now that many illegal aliens are arriving to these sanctuary cities in droves, lawmakers and residents alike are starting to rethink their stance on illegal immigration. 

On last Thursday’s broadcast of America Reports on Fox News Channel, Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins lamented the federal government’s ability to monitor the southern border and went as far as to propose closing Chicago’s border.  

Per Hopkins, “Part of this is a response to the city attempting to close its own borders to the constant flow of migrant buses and now private charter planes that are landing. It’s happening at a time when we are not prepared, when we don’t have the resources that we’ve allocated, the social workers, the medical staff, the people who are there to try and take these migrants in.” 

Co-host Sandra Smith then asked, “Aren’t we talking about a massive crisis at the southern border from where these migrants are coming? And what is your message on the lack of security and the lack of securing the southern border on the part of the federal government?”

Hopkins replied, “Yeah, absolutely. The federal government has dropped the ball. I’ve made that clear, I’ve said that repeatedly since this crisis started. We, as a city, the municipal government of Chicago, are not equipped to handle this. We’ve never been equipped to handle this.” 

Despite these drastic claims and accusations from Hopkins, it does not appear that Chicago law makers are prepared to take any meaningful action anytime soon. 

Chicago and other Democrat-controlled cities are not prepared to stand up against illegal immigration

In December, a measure was floated to allow voters to reconsider Chicago’s standing as a so-called “sanctuary city;” however, city council members shot this down. 

This vote shows that Chicago lawmakers are afraid of how the public may respond to such a ballot question and also signals that they are not willing to take serious action on illegal immigration anytime soon. 

In other cities like New York City, lawmakers such as Mayor Eric Adams have issued desperate pleas regarding illegal immigration, claiming that it could destroy the city of New York. 

However, many lawmakers appear afraid to take any serious action on this matter, fearing resistance from the “woke” mob. 

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