Disney World’s food service just killed this doctor because they ignored this one thing

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

If you have a food allergy or sensitivity you know it, and when you tell the people at a restaurant about it most take it very seriously.

Serious allergies and sensitivities can cause severe reactions and even death.

You would think a mega-corporation like Disney World would really understand this since they cater to almost every woke condition under the sun, but they ignored this doctor’s plea and are being hit with a huge lawsuit.

Disney faces a new death lawsuit

Disney, along with the company doing business as the Disney Springs restaurant Raglan Road, was just hit with a new lawsuit.

The suit comes after a New York doctor died from an allergic reaction after eating food at the establishment.

The complaint was submitted to a Florida court and is being brought by Jeffrey Piccolo, the husband of Dr. Kanokporn Tangsuan, who died in early October from an allergic reaction.

Dr. Tangsuan ate at the Irish restaurant located on Disney World’s property, and the lawsuit says her death was caused due to negligence by Disney and the restaurant.

Her husband is now asking the court for damages “in excess” of $50,000 from Disney and its restaurant, saying that he has experienced mental pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and other damages since his wife’s untimely death.

The suit alleges that Raglan Road and Disney both breached their duty of care to Tangsuan to “ensure that food that was designated as allergen-free and/or food that was requested to be prepared allergen free, was, in fact, free from allergens that would cause death or serious physical harm to guests with food allergies.”

When the couple dined at the restaurant, they told the waiter about Tangsuan’s severe allergies to dairy and nut products.

The husband claims that they sought assurance several times to make sure the food she ate wouldn’t contain such ingredients, according to information in the suit.

However, the lawsuit alleges that Tangsuan ate fritters, scallops, a vegan shepherd’s pie, and onion rings that the staff assured were dairy and nut-free, although they did not have allergen-free flags on the menu.

Disney failed to “educate” its staff

In addition to the aforementioned allegations, the lawsuit also says that Disney and Raglan Road failed to “educate, train, and/or instruct” its staff on how to ensure food that was designated as allergen-free, was, in fact, allergen-free.

The suit also accuses Raglan Road staff, which it says Disney is liable for, of a list of failures, including not warning her that the food had allergens in it and not preparing it according to proper policies without allergens.

According to her obituary, Tangsuan, 42, experienced a fatal allergenic reaction while she was shopping not long after eating dinner at Raglan Road.

Her family says she walked into Planet Hollywood and immediately started to have difficulty breathing and collapsed.

An epi-pen was immediately administered, but Tangsuan died at a local hospital. 

Raglan Road has been part of Disney Springs since 2005 and is known for serving Irish food and for hosting “live Irish music and dance” per the Disney Springs website.

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