Democrats have this $500 million secret weapon to beat Donald Trump in 2024

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

Donald Trump’s lead over Joe Biden in the polls is not safe at all.

Democrats will try and win the election by any means necessary.

And Democrats have this $500 million secret weapon to beat Donald Trump in 2024.

It’s not enough that the Left controls the national media.

Now a constellation of liberal groups linked to the Biden administration, will spend $500 million into building up local media – which is more trusted than national outlets as its closer to the public and not tainted by the same allegations of bias – to pump out pro-Democrat Party propaganda on issues like climate change and criminal justice policy.

“Nearly two dozen liberal foundations will begin dropping $500 million into propping up local media infrastructures to drive coverage of issues that include criminal justice reform and climate change ahead of the 2024 elections,” Fox News reports.

The MacArthur Foundation – which is connected to the Biden administration through the Community Violence Intervention Collaborative – is spearheading this effort.

“The initiative, called Press Forward, consists of 22 left-wing foundations and was organized by the MacArthur Foundation, which has pumped millions of dollars into progressive journalistic endeavors to create an “equitable future by informing, engaging, and activating Americans through deep investments in just and inclusive news and narratives,” Fox News also reports.

MacArthur Foundation President John Palfrey said in an interview with the Washington Post that propping up local newspapers to generate stories favorable to the Democrat Party’s agenda was critical to combatting so-called “misinformation.:

“My sense is that we are losing a newspaper in America every week, and that’s a dangerous thing for American democracy,” Palfrey told the Post. “It’s hard to have a democracy when you don’t have good local news. When you lose credible news sources, misinformation and disinformation swoop in.”

This $500 million scheme is nothing more than an effort to launder Joe Biden’s message through local newspapers, which are not viewed by readers as political instruments.

Local papers cover everyday life, the high school sports team, and if the town council and the mayor aren’t filling the potholes quick enough.

These papers don’t have political reporters covering the beat on immigration, abortion, gun control, or foreign policy so readers don’t view them as taking sides in the political debate.

Liberals hope to exploit this trust by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to turn local papers into adjuncts of the Biden campaign, as they fill these outlets with stories that line up with Joe Biden’s campaign message.

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