Democrats are plotting this desperate move to derail Donald Trump

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In less than two weeks, voters will head to the caucuses in Iowa to cast their votes in the first caucuses in the nation. 

Every Republican nomination poll so far released shows that Donald Trump has a sizable lead over all of his opponents, causing them to resort to drastic measures to court over voters. 

Now Democrats are openly pushing this desperate move to derail Donald Trump. 

Democrats are desperate to make sure that Donald Trump does not win the Republican nomination

Poll after poll shows Donald Trump leading all other Republican nominees for President with a significant margin. 

So much so that most Republicans candidates have already dropped out of the race with only Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy remaining (aside from Donald Trump of course).

All of these remaining candidates are not even close to Donald Trump in any reputable poll, which has Democrats biting their nails. 

In an attempt to defeat Donald Trump in the primaries and caucuses, Democrat political strategists have devised a plan to build support for Nikki Haley, which they believe could topple Trump’s electoral chances. 

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe discussed this strategy in detail last Wednesday on MSNBC, where he said, “I think it’s probably too distasteful for a lot of people,” adding, “But for those who would be up for it, it could be a good tactical move.” 

Plouffe went on to say, “So I think, for liberals, or Democrats, or independents who might not ever support Nikki Haley to be the president, to cast a strategic or tactical vote to me makes a lot of sense.  If the cards fall the right way, if somehow [Haley] can finish ahead of DeSantis in Iowa, I think that makes it more likely.  Maybe [Chris] Christie drops out.  If you got that to a two-person race [in New Hampshire], he could very well be defeated there.” 

Conservative voices are sounding the alarm of the Democrat subversive electoral tactics

Conservatives have lamented this cunning strategy, calling out Nikki Haley for allegedly working with Democrats to defeat trump. 

Among these conservative voices is none other than Tucker Carlson, who discussed these voting ploys during an interview with Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy. 

Per Tucker Carlson, “If you’re a Democratic mega-donor, this is a very tough moment for you. Your candidate is going to lose,” adding “So what do you do? Well, if you’re smart, maybe you subvert the other party. Maybe you back a Republican candidate who’s actually a Democrat, whose priorities are identical to yours. And of course, they found one: Her name is Nikki Haley.”

Ramaswamy agreed with Tucker Carlson, adding, “I think the true puppet masters, the thing about them, is they’re fundamentally nonpartisan in nature.  There are a few things they care about: Keeping the foreign war machine humming is high on the list. Keeping the administrative state’s control of the United States is also high on the list. They found a much more convenient puppet within the Republican Party itself.”

He added, “It’s not Biden, and it’s not even Gavin Newsom. It’s Nikki Haley within the Republican Party itself.”

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