Democrats are grinning ear to ear after they arrested one prominent Republican defending herself with a firearm against a pro-Hamas mob

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Democrats have made it crystal clear that they would rather stand with the Hamas terrorists, than support Israel. 

And they have also made it clear that the only people they think should have guns are the thugs and criminals. 

Now Democrats are grinning ear to ear after they arrested one prominent Republican defending herself with a firearm against a pro-Hamas mob.

Democrats pro-terrorist?

We have witnessed first hand over the past few decades the radicalization of politics. 

More specifically, Democrats have taken a hard nosedive towards the Left and have embraced beliefs that many would have never dreamed of just a generation ago. 

One of the biggest changes in the Democrat Party platform is a full-throated support for terrorist organizations like Hamas. 

Israel just suffered its worst terrorist attack in a generation, and rather than throwing support behind our strongest ally in the Middle East, tens of thousands of Democrats have taken to the streets to protest against Israel and support the slaughter Israel had to endure a couple weeks ago. 

A lot of people in the United States can’t stand for this support of Palestine shown by Democrats. 

And many Jews and Republicans alike have gone out in the streets to show their support for a strongest ally in Israel, as they’re trying to recover from this horrible terrorist attack. 

But one Republican elected official in New York learned the hard way of what happens when you stand up against the radical Democrat mob.

Pro-terrorist over the right to keep and bear arms in NYC

Inna Vernikov is a Republican New York City councilwoman who was tired of seeing all the hate against Israel by Democrats in her city. 

So she decided to go to a pro-Israeli demonstration next to a pro-terrorist demonstration put on by Democrats. 

And while she was at the rally, someone filmed her with a pistol strapped to her side. 

This shouldn’t be an issue, as she has a concealed carry license. 

But in New York, it is a crime to have a firearm at a protest.

And late last week, Vernikov turned herself in for protesting against terrorists with a legally concealed firearm to the NYPD. 

This is ridiculous and should infuriate you. 

With all these democrats out on the streets of New York City threatening Jews and calling for the destruction of Israel and none of them are arrested. 

But an elected Republican legally carries a concealed firearm and she is arrested under an unconstitutional law. 

This madness needs to change for our nation to survive. 

Should you be arrested for concealed carrying of a firearm at a rally?